Automate and Optimize Your Workflows with Zebra.

POSDATA helps you streamline your workflows and boost labor productivity and efficiency with Zebra data capture and mobile computing technologies.

Save Time, Labor and Cost with Digital Efficiency.

Zebra technologies help you create faster, more efficient and accurate operations by mobilizing your workflows, automating your data capture and processes, and helping your workers get more done in less time.

Mobile Computers

High-performance mobile computers to digitize your workflows and seamlessly deliver your apps, voice, video and data.

Enterprise Tablets

Rugged tablets to run resource-intensive business apps, scan barcodes, and create faster, large touchscreen processes.

Wearable Computers

Wrist-worn mobile computers, ring-style scanners, head-up displays and headsets to create hands-free mobile workflows.

Barcode Scanners

Next-generation 1D/2D barcode imagers with faster and more reliable read rates, longer range, and rugged durability.

Barcode & RFID Printers

Fast, consistent and high-quality label and tag printing with the latest security, connectivity, and cloud management.

RFID Solutions

Handheld and fixed RFID readers and antennas for automated and accurate inventory tracking and locating.

Labels, Ribbons & Supplies

Barcode labels, ribbons and supplies to ensure the highest print quality, label performance, and maximum printer life.

Forklift & Vehicle Mounted Computers

Give operators the ability to complete tasks faster and achieve new levels of productivity in even the harshest environments.

See the Zebra and POSDATA Difference.

Save Big with GO Zebra Trade-Ins and Upgrades.

Trade in your aging and outdated hardware for rebates of up to $550 per device on Zebra printers and $250 on Zebra mobile computers.

Meet Retail RFID Compliance Requirements the Easy Way.

Learn about the new RFID tagging requirements for suppliers to Walmart ® and other retailers – and how you can quickly ensure compliance with POSDATA and Zebra.

Simplify Your Device Setup, Security and Management with Zebra Mobility DNA.

Zebra’s Mobility DNA for Android helps you stage and configure your devices, strengthen your security, and create more efficient workflows.

Modernize Your Warehouse with Zebra’s Warehouse Maturity Model

Zebra’s unique framework will help you identify the right technology strategies and improvements to build a more efficient warehouse.

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