Positive Patient Identification

Connect the right patient to the right care, every time.  Highly durable thermal and laser wristbands from Zebra Technologies help to eliminate identification errors while reducing the need for rebanding.  They resist smearing, peeling and jamming, and can be scanned without disturbing patients, providing for.  

  • Improved Patient Identification:  minimizing unscannable wristbands, withstands hand sanitizers and comfortable to wear.
  • Reduced Nursing Workloads:  fast and easy to print and secure, critical for system-validated patient care that improves quality and reduces unnecessary work.
  • One-stop Shop for all Patient Identification Needs:  Zebra’s broad product portfolio of thermal and laser wristbands support a wide number of applications, including neo-natal, maternity and outpatient services as well as special patient condition identification.

Zebra’s self-laminating wristbands undergo severe stress testing to measure resistance to a wide range of substances that can degrade readability, to ensure they withstand the rigors of the busy hospital environment.


We’ve been in the barcode business for over 30 years and a Zebra supplies specialist for over 20 years. You can trust POSDATA with your Zebra wristband, labels, scanner and other barcoding needs.

  • Best Prices: With our volume sales and technical support, we’ve earned the highest partner level at Zebra – that means the best prices for you.
  • One-Stop Shop: Our sales and support staff have the technical knowledge to help you make winning decisions with wristbands and labels, barcode scanners, printers and mobile computing.   We are experts in barcode technologies and symbologies (1D, 2D, or QR code) as well as wristband/label materials and adhesives, and other components of a complete patient ID solution.
  • After Sale Technical Support: You can depend on POSDATA’s technical resources for assistance with equipment configuration or troubleshooting potential issues. Our technical personnel receive training directly from Zebra and have access to all documentation.

ZD510-HC Direct Thermal Printing / Z-Band Wristbands

The ZD510-HC wristband printing solution combines the reliable ZD510-HC printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market, Zebra’s Z-Band® wristbands.  Featuring a disinfectant-ready UV-resistant housing, the ZD510-HC printer automatically configures settings for perfect results every time.

Zebra’s latex-free Z-Band thermal wristbands are up to 4x more durable than the leading competitor and ensure first scan readability.  Our Z-Band Ultrasoft wristbands are one of the softest direct thermal wristbands on the market.

  • Antimicrobial-coated
  • Durable polyproylene material
  • Stands up to moisture and hand sanitizers
  • Latex-free
  • MR-safe
  • Print and securely fasten in less than a minute using an adhesive tab or color clip
  • Scannable for up to 14 days

Z-band Graphic

free sample wristbands

LaserBand Wristbands

Zebra’s self-laminating LaserBand® direct-print laser wristbands allow printing wristbands and labels on one sheet utilizing existing laser printers.

  • Self-laminating seal protects the wristband from moisture and hand sanitizers, preserving patient data including text and barcodes for longer wristband usability.
  • Available with hole-punches for securing to patient charts.
  • Adhesive-free zones around form edges and holes prevent printing jamming and reduce costly printer maintenance.
  • Enables quick deployment of a barcoded wristband solution without the need for a separate printer for wristbands.
  • For clinics that require chart labels, a wristband and 20 chart labels can be printed simultaneously on the A4 size sheet.

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