Warehouse Receiving

Warehouse Receiving

Identify and Verify Incoming Shipments in Real Time

Time is of the essence for inbound processes.  With Zebra technology solutions, rapidly reconcile advance ship notices (ASNs), quickly sort materials and accurately locate each piece of a shipment. With our intuitive devices and innovative sensors, your workers can streamline receiving processes and solve virtually any unexpected issues.

  • Pick up the pace with worker-driven or sensor-based data capture as goods enter the facility
  • Ensure correct asset identification for proper put-away
  • Positively impact downstream operations with accuracy and dock-to-stock efficiency

Tips to Improve Accuracy from Dock to Stock

  • Invest in supplier management for accurate one-touch or no-touch receipt
  • Match the technology to the workflow and mobilize workers whenever possible
  • Target inbound processes as a place to start utilizing RFID for automatic data capture

Look to POSDATA for a Full Solution 

Our sales and technical support staff are ready to help you determine the best software and Zebra equipment to meet your unique inventory and warehouse operations requirements.  Whether you need a full warehouse or yard management system or inventory tracking for a smaller operation, POSDATA will recommend a solution that is right for you.   We will guide you through the software and hardware technology selections featuring Zebra’s  mobile computers, wearables, barcode printers and labeling and wireless infrastructure.

Zebra’s Warehouse Maturity Model  

Zebra’s unique Warehouse Maturity Model framework helps you map Zebra’s comprehensive hardware, software, services and solutions portfolios to the evolutionary phases of warehouse modernization—while enabling you to address your short and long-term goals.

Warehouse Maturity Model

Find out how POSDATA can help your warehouse operation 

We can help you future-proof your operation with Zebra solutions that provide unparalleled visibility into inventory, assets, people and transactions.   Contact us today for a free consultation or to arrange a Zebra loaner evaluation unit.

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