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Move beyond the barcode with RFID and sensor-based automation to gain complete visibility of aerospace and defense industry manufacturing operations.

In the Smart Factory, RFID solutions and low-cost sensors automate tracking of raw materials, work orders, assets, finished goods and shipments. The result is 360-degree visibility of every process, from receiving and inventory management through manufacturing and distribution.

End-to-End Solutions that Enable Today’s Smart Factory

POSDATA brings together Zebra RFID solutions and Xemelgo software to create a complete Smart Factory solution. Our unique approach to modernization allows you to start with a single application and expand deployment at your pace.

Automated Inventory Management

Xemelgo software and Zebra RFID solutions combine to manage inventory of raw materials, supplies and finished goods with “Grab-and-Go” ease. Systems update automatically as team members take what they need and products move through production, generating real-time alerts to help you manage operations more effectively.


Xemelgo software tools integrate with Zebra RFID sensors and mobile devices to provide “Google Maps” style tracking capabilities as work orders move through manufacturing and distribution. Real-time alerts and live status updates identify potential bottlenecks and monitor progress of specific orders to improve on-time performance.


Xemelgo enables “Find my iPhone” style tracking to enable precise management of equipment, materials and other assets throughout the Smart Factory. Integrated software tools help you manage asset expiration, maintenance schedules and hardware utilization anywhere in your operation.


The Smart Factory offers “Door Dash” style capabilities for work orders and parts moving between facilities. RFID tools track exactly what leaves one facility and what arrives at the destination. Automated alerts, smart rules, and live-queues help your team ensure accurate shipments and pinpoint incomplete or misrouted orders.

Powered by Zebra RFID Solutions

Zebra Fixed RFID Readers


Zebra RAIN RFID fixed readers help you identify, track and store your inventory, maintaining total control of your operations.

Zebra RFID-Enabled Mobile Devices


Zebra’s handheld RAIN RFID readers and RFID-enabled devices are suited for use in all enterprise and rugged manufacturing environments.

Zebra Industrial RFID Printers 


The industry’s widest range of RFID-enabled printers lets you print and encode RAIN RFID labels and tags wherever you need them.

Zebra RFID Labels and Tags


Zebra’s pre-tested RFID labels and tags are made with the highest-performing inlays and chips and can be customized with the perfect materials and adhesives for your application.

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