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Your RFID system relies on high-performance labels and tags

So why take chances with anything other than Zebra’s RFID supplies and POSDATA’s consulting expertise?

As a Zebra Technologies Advanced Supplies Specialist, POSDATA’s experts offer free technical consultations, quick price quotes, and the widest selection of ready-to-ship RFID labels and tags. We can also work with you to create a custom RFID label solution specifically for your application.

Proven Performance and Reliability

Zebra employs ISO 9001 processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure successful encoding. Every  Zebra label is pre-tested to deliver industry-leading performance with Zebra RFID printers and readers.

Solution-Focused RFID Expertise

POSDATA experts will understand how your RFID label or tag will be used and how environmental factors may affect performance.  Working with Zebra’s team, we’ll select an in-stock item or create a custom RFID labeling solution for your application.

Ready for Immediate Deployment

With over 50 items in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours, plus available RFID Printing and Encoding Services, POSDATA and Zebra are ready to support your RFID pilot and respond quickly to retailers’ RFID labeling mandates.

One of the Largest In-Stock RFID Label and Tag Offerings

Over 50 items in stock and ready for immediate shipping—all designed and tested for proven performance with Zebra RFID printers and readers.

Customized RFID Label Manufacturing Capabilities 

With state-of-the-art presses and RFID manufacturing equipment, Zebra can create a customized RFID labeling solution to  meet the unique requirements of your application.

Zebra Certified Inlays

Zebra Certified Inlays are pre-tested to ensure industry-leading performance and low instance of printer voids. Read range performance has been evaluated on multiple surfaces using industry-standard Voyantic Tagformance test equipment. Zebra Certified Inlays feature the best-performing chips to support a variety of application requirements, and the inlay position has been tested in Zebra industrial, desktop and mobile printers to ensure reliable encoding. To guide high-performance RFID label and tag selection, Zebra classifies RFID label and tag solutions into three main categories: general-purpose, advanced and specialty.

General Purpose

These RFID labels are designed for use with RFID readers and are stocked in a variety of inlay types and sizes. They are available in paper and synthetic materials that work on non-metallic surfaces, plastics or corrugate and feature inlays from Zebra and other leading brands.


Advanced RFID labels offer a higher level of omni-directional read performance than general-purpose inlays. They’re engineered for use where longer ranges are required or when RFID labels will be placed on or near challenging materials.


Zebra offers a variety of solutions to ensure readability on metal and challenging surfaces and other specialty applications.

Maximum Visibility with Zebra’s Certified RFID Solutions

As the global leader in RFID technologies, Zebra delivers the largest number of in-stock, on-demand RFID printing supplies, featuring the newest generation of RFID chips to support faster tag inventory and longer read ranges.

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Zebra RFID Printing and Encoding Service 

Zebra can provide serialized pre-printed and encoded RFID supplies that meet your specifications to support RFID pilot programs or help you to comply more quickly with retailers’ RFID mandates.

POSDATA is Your Proven RFID Solutions Provider

From top-notch systems engineering to complete deployment services and expert technical support, POSDATA’s experts can ensure your RFID solutions meet all of your requirements.  Contact us today for free consulting on your RFID label or tag requirement.

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