We’ll help you to select the best Intelligent Cabinet option for your organization.

Today, businesses of every size depend on reliable access to mobile computers, mobile printers, tablets and other devices.  Zebra Intelligent Cabinets, Racks, Cradle Locks, and Customized Mobile Carts help ensure all the assets you rely on secured, powered up and ready for work.

Device Management Solutions for Any Size Business

From small and growing businesses to large enterprises, Zebra offers a right-sized solution that will automate everyday device management.

• Easily secure and store devices
• Simplify check-out/check-in
• Keep devices charged and ready for use
• Easily monitor device status

You need to know where your devices are and ensure they are charged and ready to go at the start of each shift.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets make it easy with an affordable, cost-effective solution that boosts efficiency and productivity.

Zebra Asset Management Systems (ZAMS)

ZAMS is the software solution that turns Zebra Intelligent Cabinets into powerful automated device administrators that track which worker is using which device and ensure devices are always stored securely and fully charged.

With ZAMS, workers check devices in and out while you track everything without lifting a finger.

Standardized Modular Portfolio Cabinets

With six storage sizes from Compact to Extreme, these cabinets offer storage for up to 100 devices. The sleek, modern look is at home everywhere from industrial areas to public-facing spaces.

Modular Portfolio Open Racks

Zebra’s single- and double-sided modular open racks store 30-60 devices with multiple configurations and options to meet your back-room device storage needs

Modular Cradle Locks

Easily add a layer of physical security to Intelligent Cabinets and Open Racks with cradle locks that prevent removal of devices by unauthorized personnel.

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