Walmart® RFID Expansion to Thousands of Suppliers

POSDATA and Zebra Can Make Sure You’re Ready

Walmart’s rollout of RFID tags in apparel has produced significant improvements in customer satisfaction and on-hand inventory accuracy, leading Walmart to expand RFID requirements to additional product categories.

The product categories that fall under the RFID expansion are Home, Electronics, Toys, Sporting Goods, and Auto Batteries. Thousands of Walmart suppliers in these categories must add RFID labels to their products.

This change applies to all national, proprietary, supplier, and private brands and affects all Walmart USA Stores, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and .Com Merchandise.

Meet Walmart’s new RFID requirements with POSDATA and Zebra

As specialists in barcoding and RFID systems, we have the expertise that suppliers need to meet Walmart’s expanding RFID labeling requirements.

We’ve partnered with Zebra Technologies to offer a full range of RFID hardware and supplies, including RFID inlays that meet Walmart specifications. Together, POSDATA and Zebra can guide you through every step of the RFID journey.

RFID Labels and Supplies

As the global leader in RFID technologies, Zebra has the largest in-stock RFID label and tag offering, allowing you to quickly pilot and implement full RFID compliance.  In addition, Zebra’s RFID printing supplies feature the newest gneration of RFID chips to support faster tag inventory and longer read ranges.

RFID Printers

With the industry’s widest range of printers, Zebra makes it easy to accurately print and encode RAIN RFID labels for any application.

Handheld RFID Readers

Zebra offers a complete range of handheld RAIN RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners to support all of your supply chain applications.

Fixed RFID Readers and Portals

Zebra has the largest selection of fixed RFID readers and portals to manage inventory with fast, reliable and highly automated RFID tag reading.

Not ready to produce RFID labels in-house?

If the Walmart timeline doesn’t provide enough time to adapt your in-house systems, or your volumes do not justify in-house printing, we can help you meet the new RFID requirements with Zebra’s RFID Print and Encode service. Contact your POSDATA Representative as soon as possible to get started.

If you’re one of the thousands of Walmart suppliers impacted by the new RFID labeling requirements, we can guide you through the entire process. Whether you need RFID labels and printers or you would like to utilize Zebra’s Print and Encode service, we’ll help you meet this challenge.

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