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Rapid POS offers one of the most flexible and dynamic POS software solutions on the market today – the Counterpoint Retail POS Software by NCR.   As a certified Counterpoint POS partner of more than 35 years, the Rapid POS team is well-versed in every retail function and serves a wide range of retail industry segments, from apparel retailers to specialty food stores.

Rapid POS utilizes a variety of Ingenico payment devices to meet the needs of their broad client base.  However, prior to working with POSDATA, their staff was dealing with unacceptable turnaround times on payment device repairs, which negatively impacted service levels for their customers.  In addition, their service providers could inject encryption keys for only a couple of the major processors.

“POSDATA has been a game changer for us,” said Nelle Thompson, project manager at Rapid POS.  “They consistently meet same day replacement shipments from our Advance Exchange Pool with a 2 PM EST order cut off and can encrypt the large variety of card processor keys used within our client base.”

POSDATA also supports Rapid POS with new deployments of payment devices.  Rapid POS places orders to POSDATA in bulk, then submits individual order releases from their inventory pool for store deployments.  The deployment releases are normally scheduled for a same day or next day shipment. For enhanced service levels in special customer deployment situations, POSDATA has pre-injected devices and placed them in secure holding areas, allowing for same day shipments with an order cutoff as late as 4 PM EST.

POSDATA and the Rapid POS professional staff have built a close working relationship, benefiting each other, and most importantly, Rapid POS clients.   Nelle Thompson emphasized that, “we have great trust in POSDATA, rarely have any issues with device encryption, and rely on their staff for knowledge of Ingenico products, encryption and the payment industry.”

POSDATA operates its deployment and key injection facility in Louisville, KY, located close to the UPS nationwide hub, providing advantages for time sensitive logistics operations.

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