For more than 20 years, iQmetrix has been supporting telecom retailers across North America with its intelligent retail management software, designed to power sales of connected devices. The iQmetrix Retail Management System increases operational efficiencies with advanced inventory management, comprehensive analytics, omnichannel functionalities, customer relationship support, and much more.

iQmetrix’s easy-to-use interface makes otherwise complex telecom transactions simple for store associates. iQmetrix primarily uses Ingenico equipment for in-store payments, with an increasing emphasis on mobile payment devices to enable transactions anywhere in the store.

iQmetrix depends on POSDATA for new payment device deployments or store transitions that require a change in payment processes. “We just point our clients to POSDATA,” said Tammy Fingas, Product Manager for Payment Solutions. “The merchant tells them which payment processor that they are working with, and POSDATA will configure the devices and key inject per the standard template that they have on file for us.”

For one of iQmetrix’s telecom clients that was transitioning to new payment devices, POSDATA deployed approximately 3,000 Ingenico payment devices. That client is using Ingenico’s Estate Management tools to help with its internal management. According to Tammy Fingas, “There was great collaboration between us, Ingenico, and POSDATA that resulted in a successful project.”

The POSDATA team is familiar with the iQmetrix payment solution capabilities and can answer many client questions directly without needing to involve the iQmetrix staff.  “This makes hardware purchases efficient and reliable for our customer base,” said Tammy Fingas.

POSDATA operates its deployment and key injection facility in Louisville, KY, located close to the UPS nationwide hub, providing advantages for time-sensitive logistics operations.

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