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Eigen Payments is a leading provider of PCI-validated P2PE managed payment solutions for the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries in North America.  With over 30 years of experience, Eigen provides a complete selection of managed payment solutions, including POS-integrated pay at the table to reduce human errors and improve the customer dining experience.

While Eigen Payments utilize payment devices from different manufacturers in their solutions, they rely on POSDATA for device configuration, deployment, and advance exchange services to support many of their customers’ requirements. The staff at POSDATA assist in managing a PCI P2PE compliant secure chain of custody throughout the device lifecycle, while adhering to a strict Service Level Agreement (SLA).

According to Eigen’s General Manager, Rob Coulthard, “in addition to consistently meeting performance expectations, POSDATA has a willingness to go above and beyond the stated SLAs to meet our customer requirements.”

POSDATA operates its deployment and key injection facility in Louisville, KY, located close to the UPS nationwide hub, providing advantages for time sensitive logistics operations.

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