Temperature Monitoring and Sensing

Ensure the efficiency of your cold chain monitoring system

Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products as they move through the cold chain requires constant temperature visibility and control. Powerful Bluetooth® wireless electronic temperature sensors from Zebra make it easy to track the temperature of products through every stage of their journey—from production through storage and cold chain shipping.

Zebra’s Electronic Temperature Sensors 

Zebra’s portable, Bluetooth®-enabled electronic sensors can help you monitor the temperature exposure of products within warehouses and shipments. The EDGEVue mobile app enables cost-effective data uploads and alerts with visual display of all sensors in range.

Quick access to temperature readings, wirelessly

Unlike USB-based temperature logging devices, Zebra electronic temperature sensors wirelessly retrieve temperature readings without the need to open packing or shipping containers.   It’s easy to connect to sensors for collecting accurate temperature readings via the EDGEVue mobile app or by real-time monitoring using the OceaBridge Bluetooth Gateway.

Customize settings for your applications 

With the EDGEVue mobile app, you can easily configure Zebra electronic temperature sensors for each cold chain shipment or storage environment – from start time to reading intervals, to temperature parameters and alerts—all on a single device.

Empower smart decisions with the EDGECloud and EDGEVue Mobile and Web Applications

With temperature data now accessible in the cloud, you are automatically notified when temperature excursions occur. So, you can make on the spot decisions and generate reports for compliance and analysis.

zebra edge sensors



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