Utilizing Sensormatic solutions can help improve your stores performance by minimizing product theft and inventory shrink rates.

Ultra 1.8m ABS Pedestal System

The new Ultra 1.8 ABS self-contained AM EAS system offers retailers an affordable and reliable anti-theft solution. The pedestal’s sleek open frame blends seamlessly into any retail setting while providing a visual deterrent against theft and delivering superior pick rates in all environments, even noisy ones.

The on-board electronics are contained within the base cover of the primary pedestal, eliminating the need for an external controller and reducing installation and maintenance costs. The coverage area is 0.9m (3 ft) for a single door and 1.8m (6 ft) for double doors. The integrated alarm located in the base of the primary pedestal uses a distinguished audible alarm to notify store personnel if protected merchandise passes through the detection zone and also illuminates red for visual notification.

Through system configuration, “Tags-too- Close” is an offered feature developed to help store associates better manage merchandising of tagged goods at the front of the store. This feature helps reduce unnecessary and costly service calls and decreases nuisance alarms to enhance the shopper experience.

AMB 1200 Deactivation System (controller + antenna)

The ultra-thin Sensormatic Essentials Deactivator features a large pad target area to help provide reliable performance in a single pass. Regardless of label orientation, this unit deactivates active AM EAS labels up to 10cm (4in) above the surface of the pad and detects labels 15.2cm (6in) above its surface for consistent and effective operation.

Regardless of label orientation, this unit deactivates active AM EAS labels up to 10cm (4in) above the surface of the pad and detects labels 15.2cm (6in) above its surface for consistent and effective operation. The pad features integrated status indicators that provide visual and audible notifications when live labels are successful detected and deactivated.
The AMB1200AM model is designed specifically for metal countertop installation. This model offers a seamless installation without cutting into the point-of-sale (POS) counter in an effort to maintain store aesthetics. The AMB1200 model is installed on top of the counter. The Essentials Controller powers either deactivator. For flexible installation options, the controller is attached to a flat surface and can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

When connected to a compatible EAS data management device, real-time deactivation counts can be generated into user-friendly customizable reports to provide business-critical data.


Value Performance Label Sheet (5000 count)

The Value Performance Label (VPL) delivers reliable performance and merchandise protection using proven Sensormatic technology. This AM EAS label is designed for consistent deactivation at the pointof-sale (POS) and reliable performance, even when exposed to environmental stressers including shipping and handling. Available for in-store hand application, this label can also be applied to merchandise at the point of manufacturing so retailers can receive floor-ready merchandise with consistent label placement to help expedite receiving and selling floor fulfillmen

Magnetic 5kg Detacher

This easy-to-use, small-profile detacher supports the Sensormatic magnetic 5kG hard tag portfolio, expediting throughput with one-handed detaching. The detacher can be secured directly to or recessed into any point-of-sale (POS) countertop to maximize counter space. The detacher features a T-bar type lock to prevent unauthorized use and reduce theft when POS is unattended.

Magnetic 5kg Lanyard

This non-deactivatable hard tag features a sleek, lightweight design to minimize theft while preserving aesthetics. The small footprint and four-inch multi-strand stainless-steel cable permits attachment to a wide variety of merchandise. With proven high-performance AM technology, this defeat-resistant tag is compatible with the Sensormatic suite of detachers.

Magnetic 5kg Tags

The AM Tack Tag is a strong visual deterrent for a wide variety of retail merchandise, including clothing, due to its unobtrusive size and simple design. The tag offers minimal impact on the customer experience and eases retailers’ ability for open store display and merchandising. This tag is easily removed using a magnetic detacher and reused allowing for decreased operational costs and decreased shrink.

Grooved Tack

To be used with 5kg magnetic tags, to secure soft goods of various thickness.

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