Discover the Combined Power of Sensormatic’s Retail Solutions Portfolio

Sensormatic is one of the most trusted names in loss prevention. POSDATA partners with Sensormatic to offer innovative, top-quality solutions that help combat shrink and deliver predictive analytics and insights you can use to help improve operational efficiency and create a better shopper experience.

Our EAS solutions span AM, RF and RFID technologies and include detection systems, sensors, deactivators and detachers, and an analytics platform. Our comprehensive EAS solution offerings help ensure we have the right solution for any retailer.

The shopper journey and retail landscape are continually evolving. ShopperTrak brings digital shopper analytics into the store to help optimize the shopper experience.

Sensormatic ShopperTrak solutions collect and deliver data that retailers can easily convert into meaningful insights and actionable outcomes.

From people counting devices at store entrances to location-based technologies monitoring shopper movement, ShopperTrak solutions can build a comprehensive picture of the shopper journey and customer behavior in your stores and shopping centers.

TrueVUE On-Floor Visibility helps keep your shelves stocked and shoppers satisfied with dynamic store- and enterprise-wide inventory control.  Frequent, fast RFID cycle counts feed accurate, item-level data to user-friendly software to help maintain your sales floor inventory. This deep level of insight shows associates what items need to be replenished to help eliminate out-of-stocks and confidently fulfill orders from any channel. With TrueVUE’s mobile interactive restocking application, associates gain on-demand access to these insights to help replenish missing merchandise even faster.

Sensormatic Solutions’ innovative computer vision technology delivers retail operational insights based on best-in-class deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) models. Our computer vision solutions are created in partnership with Intel and optimized for retail using Sensormatic IQ’s proprietary AI algorithms.

Each analytic is developed with Sensormatic’s foundational pillars of retail success in mind, driving sales, reducing risk, optimizing labor and enhancing the shopper experience.

You have the capability to leverage your existing camera infrastructure and a smart hub device, which helps to make this technology cost effective and easy to deploy.