Sensormatic Solutions’ innovative computer vision technology delivers retail operational insights based on best-in-class deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) models. Our computer vision solutions are created in partnership with Intel and optimized for retail using Sensormatic IQ’s proprietary AI algorithms.

Real-time insights on retail specific use cases help you make informed decisions and take a more proactive approach to problem solving.

Analytics can be easily added and removed to help you focus on what is most important to your changing business needs. New analytics are continuously being developed to address top-of-mind retail challenges.

You have the capability to leverage your existing camera infrastructure and a smart hub device, which helps to make this technology cost effective and easy to deploy.

Computer Vision

Computer vision automates tasks and derives meaningful information from video footage in real-time. Our wide range of computer vision analytics help you strengthen your loss prevention efforts, gather insights for improved shopper experiences, and maintain a safe environment for both shoppers and associates. Easy to deploy and powerful, computer vision analytics leverage your existing video infrastructure and a smart hub appliance to tap into the data you need to open-up a world of problem-solving solutions across the retail expanse. All analytics are presented in a one-stop, consolidated dashboard for easy access to key metrics.

Measurable Loss Prevention

With shrink and organized retail crime (ORC) activity on the rise, retailers are looking for ways to combat these threats while optimizing in-store labor usage. Our comprehensive suite of computer vision analytics can play an important role in loss prevention and in keeping an environment safe and secure. Computer vision analytics are developed specifically to address some of the most critical loss prevention issues by incorporating:

  • Group Detection Alert
  • Shelf Sweep Detection
  • High Value Item Shelf Removal
  • Loitering Monitoring
  • Vehicle Alert (excessive park time / unauthroized areas)

Meaningful Shopper Insights

To stay ahead of the competition and provide shoppers with an outstanding in-store experience, retailers are always looking to better understand shopper behavior and the shopper journey. With this information in hand, retailers can create the ideal environment and develop appropriate marketing plans that ultimately lead to increased sales. Our growing list of computer vision analytics can help you get a better handle on shopper traffic patterns, path to purchase, dwell times, and even demographics and sentiment of shoppers visiting your stores.

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