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Zebra RFID

Transform to the Smart Factory / Smart Warehouse with RFID Technologies

Maintain Real-Time Inventory

Know the location and status of materials, pallets and finished goods.

Reduce Inventory Management Costs and Errors

Replace manual barcode scanning with automated wireless tracking.

Eliminate Time-Consuming
Inventory Counts

Conduct full inventory and cycle counts in minutes rather than days.

Boost Quality and Shipping

Ensure the accuracy of every transaction and shipment.

How Zebra RFID Works

Zebra RFID solutions are comprised of two primary components: labels (also known as tags) and readers.   Readers can be handheld or fixed readers placed at strategic locations in your facilities or operations.  Labels include an inlay with an integrated circuit that stores the tag’s ID and other information.

The reader transmits a radio frequency signal which activates the tag.  Once activated, the tag reflects the signal back to the reader, where it is translated into data.

RFID labels can be attached to inventory, assets or other items to identify, locate and track them.

Zebra RFID Technologies

Handheld RFID Readers and Sleds

Mobile RFID reading wherever you need it, with wireless remote reading that doesn’t require line-of-sight barcode access.

Fixed RFID Readers

Automated RFID reading with fixed hardware placed at portals, dock doors, doorways, transition points, or aisles.

RFID Antennas

Additional hardware that works with fixed RFID readers to provide directional reading range and locating.

RFID Printers

Label printers that print and encode your RFID labels, tags or cards.

RFID Labels and Tags

Paper and synthetic labels and tags with embedded inlays that enable reliable and accurate detection by RFID readers.  Learn more.

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RFID Software and Integration

At POSDATA, we work with you to identify the right RFID software solution and to deploy and integrate it with your manufacturing or warehouse systems, so you get exactly the results you need.

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Learn How to Automate Your Inventory and Supply Chain Traceability with RFID

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