Get Performance Maps, RF Signal Strengths and Access Point Locations


If you are setting up a new distribution or warehouse facility, save time and future headaches by provisioning a professional RF site survey through the experts at POSDATA.  Our wireless systems engineer will review your objectives, facility layout, expected usage patterns, and other factors to recommend the best course of action for you.   An on site survey may be quoted, or in certain cases, we may recommend a paper-based “predictive” survey utilizing your facility drawings, which can save time and money.

Our wireless systems engineer will schedule your survey and act as project manager from start to finish.  Your completed survey will provide the optimal mix and locations of controllers, access points and antennas with signal strength maps, equipment recommendations, including cabling requirements and more.

Once your survey is complete, POSDATA can optionally provide a quote for installation services, including wiring and all required equipment, providing one-stop convenience for you.


Frustrated with your wireless network performance?   If you are experiencing dead spots, spotty performance or interference issues, contact POSDATA to schedule a free initial consultation.   A POSDATA wireless systems engineer can provide suggestions for you to try, or may recommend an on-site RF site survey to better understand the current WI-FI signal strengths and recommend mitigation actions.

If a site survey is required, our wireless systems engineer will schedule your survey and act as project manager from start to finish.


  • Clear results analysis, recommendations and next steps.   Your survey will include maps of your wireless network performance, including signal strengths, optimal access point locations and more.
  • Flexibility.  Regardless of whether you need a single or multiple surveys in multiple locations across the US, we can handle the job.  We can help with your budget by recommending areas where a predictive (paper-based) survey can be used rather than a more-expensive on-site survey.
  • Vendor Independent.  Regardless of whether you are already using or have a preference for Cisco, Extreme Networks, Aruba, Ruckus or others, we can create a plan that optimizes your network capabilities.
  • One-stop Convenience.  In addition to your site survey, we can also handle all aspects of your project including hardware procurement and installation for your wireless network, plus mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers.
  • Fast Turnaround.  In just a few weeks, you can have a comprehensive plan to address all of your wireless network needs.


If you would like to schedule a site survey or wireless network consultation, contact us by filling out the contact form in the left sidebar, emailing us at or calling 800-852-3282.