Retailer Saves Significant Costs with Staging Services

A national specialty retailer was experiencing high costs with their new installations. Because they assembled and tested their point of sale terminals on site, it was expensive to send POSDATA technician building a cash registertheir technicians to multiple locations. This also took their technicians away from other projects. POSDATA was already providing depot repair service for this retailer, so it was a natural progression for the retailer to take advantage of our staging and deployment services as well.

For this retailer, POSDATA configures the payment devices, scanners and peripherals, and bundles them with the plug-and-play POS systems. This preconfigured equipment is boxed in custom containers and shipped to the stores, ready for installation. 

By performing the majority of the staging at POSDATA’s service facility, the retailer’s installation time on site and associated costs were reduced by between $1,000 and $1,500 per site.

POSDATA’s staging and deployment services are flexible to meet the customer’s needs. POSDATA can receive equipment, manage inventory, perform assembly, load software, configure, test, asset tag and provide multiple levels of reports. We can provide for consolidated shipment of the final product, or it can be shipped in stages to meet your schedule. 

We make certain the solution is fully functional for its intended purpose when it arrives. This minimizes the work involved to set up the equipment and ensures installations are as fast and trouble-free as possible. Staging also allows site-specific instructions and information to be included in the shipment.

Our service facility provides for bulk storage of items, so you can rest assured that your product is safely stored until the need arises for staging and deployment.

If you are a retailer or financial institution trying to do your own staging, consider taking advantage of POSDATA’s proven, replicable processes, experienced technicians, low cost, and flexibility to design a customer-specific solution. POSDATA can also provide staging and deployment to service companies and OEMs who require additional capacity or overflow for large projects.

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