In roles where workers may scan hundreds or thousands of parts per day, every second can count. ProGlove offers a hands-free scanning solution, enabling staff members to save up to 4 seconds per scan.  The lightweight Mark 2 wearable barcode scanner saves time by allowing workers to reduce the need to pick up a conventional barcode scanning device. Beyond productivity improvements, workers can also benefit from improved ergonomics provided by wearable devices.

  • Picking: ProGlove devices offer an instant feedback feature (via audio or haptic system) to minimize errors and delays caused by picking the wrong items.
  • Assembly: With wearable devices, workers can save time by eliminating the need to handle a traditional scanner.
  • Packing: During the packing process, both hands can be utilized without worrying about the need to utilize handheld scanners

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows ProGlove wearables to utilize next-generation technology, allowing devices to benefit from longer battery life.

Industry Examples

  • Automotive: ProGlove is used at some of the most recognizable names in the automotive industry including BMW, Audi, and the Volkswagen Group.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing and assembling complex products require special skills and expertise from workers. Wearable barcode scanners give workers one less thing to worry about. Avoid expensive errors with smart scanning solutions from ProGlove.
  • Logistics: Logistics and transportation organizations have can use wearable scanners to improve processes such as receiving packages and inventory management.
  • Aviation: Aviation MRO’s (maintenance, repair operations) have utilized ProGlove to increase ergonomics for material handling.