Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Professional Wireless Networking Services

Your wireless infrastructure is essential for the seemless operation of your business.  POSDATA, an expert in wireless networks, offers a range of services to deliver accurate site surveys and a complete wireless system with the coverage, reliability and security that you require.

Wireless Services from POSDATA

  • Site Surveys

    A Radio Frequency Site Survey determines, among other things, the number of unique propagation areas, or cells, of coverage for a proposed wireless system. A wireless systems engineer will provide a detailed site survey to determine the optimal mix and locations of controllers, access points and antennas in order to provide 100% coverage for all the devices on your wireless networks. The generated site survey analysis document details the required location for each access point and provides information as to the type of cabling required and an overall picture of how the wireless system will integrate into your existing network.

  • Hardware Selection & Provisioning

    POSDATA is an authorized partner with leading wireless networking providers such as Cisco and Extreme Networks.   Included in our site survey, we will specify all recommended hardware including controllers, access points and wiring.   POSDATA provides competitive pricing and quick delivery of wireless hardware components.

  • Infrastructure Installation

    A Wireless Network Installation performed by our certified network personnel includes the installation, configuration and connectivity/verification of switches, routers, controllers, antennas, mobile devices, printers, and other related equipment according to the specifications of the site survey. The services ensure that the network and associated hardware is properly installed and tested based on industry specifications and that the equipment has all necessary system updates and is ready for deployment.

  • Project Management

    The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the constraints set forth at the beginning of the project. Time, budget, quality, performance, and results are all aspects that require management to ensure success. POSDATA creates a single point of contact and an experienced field team optimizes the project environment and delivers the planned results.


If you would like to schedule a site survey or wireless network consultation, contact us by filling out the left sidebar, ore emailing us at sales@posdata.com or calling 800-8532-3282.