Radio Frequency ID Systems

Zebra Mc3390R RFID Reader

POSDATA Service & Selection

POSDATA offers a wide range of RFID readers, printers and consumables from the leading manufacturers. The benefits of using RFID technology from POSDATA include product selection, application and integration support and unparalleled customer support.


You can trust POSDATA with your RFID system requirements for several reasons:

  • Leading Products at the Best Prices: With our volume sales, we’ve earned the highest partner levels at the leading RFID equipment manufacturers.  That means the best products and the best possible prices for you.
  • We Know RFID Systems: Our sales and support staff have the technical knowledge to help you make winning decisions.  Our techncial staff is manufacturer trained and certified.  In addition, POSDATA has achieved the  RFID Specialist certification with Zebra Technologies, the market leader.  Whether your RFID system requirement are in retail, industrial, healthcare or other environments, you can rely on our expertise to recommend a solution optimized for your application.
  • Application and Integration Support:   In addition to our internal technical capabilities, we team with several software partners to deliver full RFID applications for retail, manufacturing and other environments for the tracking of inventory, assets and even workers for social distancing.

RFID System Components 

POSDATA’s RFID experts can help you to choose the best equipment for your application:

  • Handheld RFID Readers:  Android terminals in a handheld form factor required for mobile applications – may include barcode scanning as well
  • RFID Sleds:  Snap on to an Android or iOS device to provide RFID reading capability
  • RFID enabled Scanners: Hybrid RFID/barcode scanners designed primarily for retail and healthcare environments
  • Fixed RFID Readers:  Fixed RFID readers intended to provide RFID read coverage to a specified area
  • RFID Antennas:  Works with fixed RFID readers to provide directional range needed for reading RFID tags
  • RFID Printers:  Label printers that can encode RFID labels, tags and cards
  • RFID Supplies:  Paper and synthetic labels and tags that include an embedded inlay that allows for detection by RFID readers

RFID Label and Inlay

RFID Inlay - 2

RFID Portal with Fixed Readers

RFID Portal 2


Contact POSDATA for a RFID system consultation.  Fill out the contact form on the left sidebar, or email us at or call 800-852-3282 and ask to speak to one of our specialists.