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Mobile computers are a critical element of your workforce automation and mobile data collection, whether on the manufacturing or warehouse floor, or in the field or delivery vehicles.   The experts at POSDATA will recommend the right mobile computers and provide the complementary services and infrastructure to support and manage them throughout their life cycle. With capabilities including rugged design, barcode scanning options, touch screen with optional keyboards, image and signature capture and enterprise software tools, our knowledgeable sales and technical support staff will match your requirements with an optimal solution.


We’ve been in the mobile computing business for over 25 years. You can trust POSDATA with your mobile computing requirements for several reasons:

  • Leading Products at the Best Prices: With our volume sales, we’ve earned the highest partner levels at the leading mobile computing manufacturers.  That means the best products and the best possible prices for you.
  • We Know Mobile Computers: Our sales and support staff have the technical knowledge to help you make winning decisions. Whether your mobile computing requirement is retail, industrial, healthcare, truck-mounted, outdoor or in a cold storage storage environment, you can rely on our expertise to recommend a solution optimized for your application.
  • After Sale Technical Support: You can depend on POSDATA’s technical resources for assistance with mobile computer configuration or troubleshooting potential issues. Our technical personnel receive training from the manufacturers and have access to manufacturers’ documentation. Our goal is for you to be up and running and we’re not satisfied until you are.

Different Types of Mobile Computers

POSDATA’s mobile computing experts can help you to choose the best mobile computer for your application:

    • Handheld Computers:  Gun shaped or smartphone form factor, these devices are available with a range of ruggedness and integrated scanning features.  
    • Vehicle Mount Computers:  Rugged designs for forklifts and other material handling equipment and can withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibrations.
    • Wearable Computers:  Wearable designs featuring comfort and safety, allow for hands free operations.
    • RFID Reader Computers :  These computers read RFID tags to achieve maximum visibility into enterprise assets.
    • Healthcare Mobile Computers:  Designed for clean healthcare environments, these computers feature disinfectant-ready housings.
    • Hazardous Location Computers:  Non-incendive and intrinsically safe mobile computers designed for hazardous environments.
    • Tablets:  Rugged, enterprise class tablets available with integrated scanning options for maximum data capture efficiency.

Migration to Android

With the end of Microsoft’s extended support on Windows Embedded and Mobile operating systems, the major manufacturers are well into the migration of their product lines to Android.   In addition, the leading manufacturers are supplementing the Android OS with their own software including troubleshooting and monitoring, workforce communication and various productivity tools.


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