POSDATA Group and Worldnet Payments launch integrated pre-certified EMV payment solutions for ISVs

Atlanta GA, 20-March-2019: POSDATA and Worldnet Payments have agreed to a strategic partnership to deliver fully integrated and pre-certified EMV payments solutions. These solutions are aimed at Independent Software Vendors who struggle to manage all the different elements of payments across multiple hardware and software vendors. POSDATA will supply the hardware components of the solution, and Worldnet will manage the developer-facing software, and both components will be part of a common commercial and support framework.

“ISVs who want to deliver payments capability to their customers often have the problem of dealing with multiple touchpoints across hardware suppliers, distributors, payments gateways and merchant accounts. Worldnet and POSDATA are well positioned to deliver all of these components in an integrated solution. Together we can deliver this through a single interface to the customer, which is worth more than the sum of its parts for ISVs” said Will Byrne, CEO of Worldnet Payments.

“Worldnet’s integrated and pre-certified EMV payments solutions, combined with POSDATA’s deployment capabilities including equipment stocking, software loading, and encryption key injection, will greatly enhance the ability for ISVs to develop and support payment solutions,” said Jeffrey Creighton, CEO of POSDATA.