Key Injection Services

POSDATA is a certified ESO (Encryption Service Organization) with decades of experience in the payments industry. As part of our configuration and deployment services, POSDATA offers PCI PIN and P2PE certified key injection for all major POS terminals, mobile payment devices, and PIN pads. We support Point-of-Sale devices and peripherals from OEM’s including Equinox, ID Tech, Ingenico, Pax and VeriFone.

POSDATA is a key holder for hundreds of processor, gateway and acquirer keys, including Chase, Elavon, First Data/Fiserv, Global, TSYS and Worldpay (Vantiv). We are a fully certified Key Injection Facility with both PCI PIN and PCI P2PE.  POSDATA can deliver technology fully configured and ready to go. Depending on the specific POS hardware, we can perform either direct or remote injection services:

  • Direct Key Injection. This process involves physically injecting data encryption keys into each point of sale hardware device. Depending on user requirements POSDATA can inject data encryption keys with or without debit PIN keys. Industry-leading key injection hardware is utilized that allows the process of key injection to take place quickly and easily, enabling sensitive data to be encrypted instantaneously at the point of capture.
  • Remote Key Injection. The remote distribution of encryption keys, over a secured IP network, is highly scalable and cost effective alternative to the traditional key injection process. Utilizing RKI services can speed up deployment, as this eliminates the costs and logistical issues associated with physical device shipment. POSDATA can work directly with most Point-Of-Sale OEM’s and their respective RKI services. In cases where OEM devices do not offer full RKI compatibility, POSDATA utilizes Virtucrypt to deliver remote key injection.


With a constantly changing financial transaction industry, it is imperative that our staff stays actively involved with respected organizations including ISO, PCI SSC, and ANSI to develop and understand the standards related to the security of financial transactions. Our dedicated encryption services staff, committed to being industry proficient for our reseller partners, continually attend Visa/Master Card required training on their requirements for compliant facilities.

  • Physical Security. Our state-of-the-art KIF (key injection facility) adheres to strict industry standard rules regarding security procedures, rigorous audits, and internal upgrades. From the receipt of key components through the key injection process, a secure facility is maintained to protect devices and sensitive equipment 24/7 with access controlled doors, camera surveillance and limited personnel access.
  • Restricted Access. All POSDATA team members are fully trained, and subject to a rigorous background check in order to perform key injection functions. In addition to our video surveillance, our standard operating procedures require dual login to the key loading application. This means that no single person can oversee the entire system operation for security purposes
  • Device Tracking. From injection to end-of-life decommissioning, POSDATA maintains chain of custody information. POSDATA’s serial number tracking minimizes security risks and maintains a comprehensive audit trail. This audit trail data includes tracing and serial information, user activities, and system access.

Why Work With POSDATA?

  • Inventory. We carry devices from over a dozen different point of sale OEM’s. We can assist you in choosing the best terminal or mobile device based on your business requirements. We can process key injection orders using in-stock equipment to speed up your terminal deployment project.
  • Strategic Location. We are located minutes away from the main UPS hub in Louisville, Kentucky. From a logistics standpoint, our geographic advantage allows us to process orders with a quick turnaround. We also offer advance exchange options for business’s that require minimal downtime in case of hardware malfunction.
  • Experience. Founded in 1973, POSDATA’s management team has decades of experience in the payments technology industry.
  • Flexibility. POSDATA will work with customers to develop creative solutions for their unique requirements.


If you are interested in learning more about POSDATA key injection services, please fill out the contact form below.