Less Stress…  More Success

A significant deployment of equipment can be a strain on your limited resources.  It also requires space for configuration and staging of shipments, and effective scheduling so that each location receives it’s shipment not too early (to avoid losing equipment) or too late, missing the scheduled installation date.

Remove the stress, and trust the experienced team at POSDATA to manage your deployment from our centralized deployment facility in Louisville, KY.  We regularly handle rollouts of equipment to thousands of sites. So rest assured, we can manage your deployment.

Have a product refresh?  We can also upgrade, retrofit, or environmentally dispose of equipment returned from your locations.

Key Features

  • Statement of Work

    We will develop a statement of work with your team which will define all of the equipment to deployed and the activities to be performed by POSDATA.

  • Master Schedule / Real Time Reporting

    We will work with your team to develop a master schedule that will include all essential details on each site, install dates, scheduled ship dates, delivery status and more.  POSDATA will verify all site addresses as being good with UPS or an alternative carrier.  The master schedule is updated as information changes and is made available online for access by the customer.

  • Planning & Procurement

    Our Customer Service representatives will use the master schedule to enter the appropriate orders into our enterprise system.   If your deployment requires the procurement of equipment by POSDATA, we will place purchase orders with manufacturers for delivery of the equipment on the required dates.

  • Configuration & Key Injection

    As the shipping date approaches, POSDATA’s logistics center personnel will pull all the required equipment from inventory and configure the order for shipment.   This normally includes software loads, and for payment devices, the loading of encryption keys within our secure KIF (Key Injection Facility).

  • Kitting

    Your order may require multiple items to be included in the shipment, which might include multiple vendor equipment, mounting stands, literature and custom labeling.  This will ensure that you site personnel have everything they need when the shipment arrives.

  • Shipping

    Shipments will take place according to the dates on the master schedule, so that all equipment will be onsite and ready for the installers on the respective site installation dates.

  • Louisville Facility & Team

    The POSDATA deployment and key injection facility is located in Louisville, KY near the UPS central hub.  This allows for extended shipping windows that can be advantageous for large deployments or emergency situations.

    POSDATA’s Louisville based team has many years of experience with equipment rollouts and associated reporting.  Our team will act as an extension of your resources during the deployment phase to ensure that all equipment is delivered successfully and is ready for your local installation team.

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