Product Refreshes: Out with the Old, In with the New

Since 1973, POSDATA has been a forerunner in providing multi-vendor, repair and maintenance services for numerous types of IT and POS hardware ranging from computer and portable terminals to printers and other peripherals.  Offering depot logistics and on-site service, long-term customers have relied on POSDATA’s expertise when it comes to providing an all-inclusive solution.

POSDATA has found that a key component of customer retention calls for a smooth upgrade transition that takes into account all operations associated with the removal, reuse or destruction of the old equipment.  By providing their customers with bundled services that include the configuration, deployment and installation of new equipment with the reverse logistic procedures required for the used equipment, POSDATA guarantees a cost-effective, turn-key process.

Companies looking to take advantage of the latest technology offered in our fast changing environment need to address the electronic waste created by the disposed equipment.  They must also abide by any government regulations covering e-waste. Their relationship with POSDATA allows them to step back and let the Business Development Manager design a Service Lifecycle Management solution that encompasses all these factors.

POSDATA services produce a long-term winning relationship

Since the first request for upgrade assistance in 2003, a major utility company has relied on POSDATA services for their refresh and equipment disposal needs.  Throughout the years, POSDATA has provided both ends of the company’s various refresh projects.

Product Receiving and Inventory Updates

Each project started with receiving the new product into the POSDATA warehouse and updating the client’s inventory system.

Device Configuration & Kitting

The equipment was then configured as required for the user needs with any software and custom images.  After testing, all parts and accessories were kitted specific to each installation location.

Delivery & Installation

POSDATA’s technician coordinated with the end user to facilitate a seamless installation of the new products, inclusive of any onsite training and testing required.

Recycle or E-Waste

Each project over the years had its own criteria for equipment disposal. Upon delivery of the new product, POSDATA was responsible for the removal of the salvaged equipment. Once removed from the end-user site, the equipment went to the warehouse for triage, followed by repair/donation or dismantle/e-waste.

A Working Partnership

The ability to customize services for this long-term customer proved to be a full-circle solution with winning factors in various ways.

  • Enabled the utility to substantially lower their daily / yearly cost of tracking their inventory

  • Seamlessly provided the utility with a means to schedule their installs and upgrades

  • Efficiently and accurately met the service / install requests over 99% of the time

  • Provided the utility with a turn-key solution to their product upgrades and hardware disposal needs

Common Practices Associated with Reverse Logistics