Store in a Box: How One Retailer Reduced Store Opening Costs and Saved Time

When a major outdoor retailer opened new stores, as it does frequently but at irregular intervals, it took a toll on its employees and budget. Some of the expansion tasks were performed internally and some were outsourced to a hodgepodge of other companies.

It took a lot of time for the retailer’s team to perform the work. As well as diverting valuable staff from other tasks, it also impacted available square footage. Since the retailer did not have store openings all the time, the space set aside to perform the builds was repurposed between openings. When a new opening was looming, the retailer had to reclaim the build area or find new space.

Too, the disparate companies to which the retailer outsourced work did not coordinate with each other, and accurate reporting was a concern.

They knew a better solution must exist.


POSDATA proposed a “store in a box” solution, which drew on POSDATA’s expertise in staging and deployment logistics. With this solution, cash registers are prepared in advance at POSDATA’s Louisville, Kentucky location. The equipment is inventoried for asset tracking, inspected, configured, built, tested, re-boxed and deployed when needed to the new store. Most of the equipment becomes plug-and-play, which reduces the retailer’s on-site time.

Registers in the build processBy centralizing the work, the retailer also gained peace of mind. POSDATA coordinated the equipment purchase, configuration, key injection, shipping and installation for the retailer, and provided quick and accurate reports throughout the process.

Instead of dedicating two or three of their own technicians to perform the builds over two weeks, POSDATA does them in 24 man hours over four days. This saves the retailer considerable time and money for each store opening.

Our team continues to find better and faster ways to perform the work. The retailer has used our solution for five years now, and has no plans to change.

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