Payment Stands

Mount your electronic payment products securely on stands from POSDATA. We provide a variety of stands to fit your equipment and your counter configuration. All stands feature cable management and securely mounts to your counter with tamper-resistant hardware. The stands below do not represent all of the stands carried by POSDATA. Please contact us if you don’t see the stand that you need.

ENS Payment Terminal Stands

ENS offers various styles of stands (center pin swivel, low profile, open hole flip up), compatible with:

  • Equinox
  • Ingenico
  • Pax
  • Verifone

Custom Ingenico Terminal Stand

Tough, reliable stands created specifically for Ingenico products keep your POS technologies secure from product tampering and skimming schemes. Protect your customers’ data and your brand integrity by investing in these heavy duty, tamper-proof stands.

SpacePole M-Case

A mobile card reader case allows easy access for card and data transfer slots and has an option to also be wall or counter mounted. This mobile card terminal case is the ideal cost effective solution that allows the business user to make the most of the opportunities offered by mobile payment devices, while keeping the transaction as secure as possible.

SpacePole Stack

The SPACEPOLE STACK™ is a popular solution that gives you two height options in one box. Made of glass-fiber reinforced ABS plastic, it is a robust payment mount and is compatible with our MultiGrip plates. Speaking with leading retailers, many see the protection of payment devices as a major concern. The most important piece of tech at the point of sale and point of payment is under attack any time it is used. Mounting a payment terminal is proven to vastly reduce call out and replacement charges to damaged terminals from accidental drops.

Pivot Stands – iPads

The POS Swivel from Proper

The POS Swivel stand is extremely durable while at the same time presenting a sleek and elegant appearance to complement your iPad or iPad Mini based point of sale. The POS Swivel stand lifts and angles your iPad at the ideal height, and rotates smoothly at 180 degrees for screen sharing with customers. Machined from a solid billet of aluminum with an anodized surface, the POS Swivel stand is built to stand up to the rigors of daily usage.

Proper with Miura Mobile Payment

Securely mount your iPad and Miura payment device together for seamless interaction. The payment device is always charged using the integrated charge dock. Simply remove from the charge dock when you are ready to go mobile.

Proper with Square EMV Reader

Securely mount your iPad and Square EMV reader together for seamless interaction.   The Square reader is always charged using the integrated charge dock. 

Proper Epson Printer Enclosure

The combination of the POS Swivel and Epson Printer Enclosure for the TM-M30 Printer provides the perfect solution for a clean POS countertop.