OlaPay offers devices that utilize the latest technology in connectivity, and the ability to run different software packages based on the needs of the end user.

POSDATA recommends and supports the following products from TEAMSable

APT-40 Mini

The APT-40 Mini is a pocket-sized payment processing device, and is an ideal choice for retail, hospitality, transportation, delivery and many other verticals. This device offers WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity.

APT 50

The APT-50 can be used as a stand-alone mobile POS/payment terminal, or it can be integrated with a traditional POS system. This device is designed for environments which require pay at the table or mobile retail checkouts. The device has a built in thermal printer, and is powered by Android OS.


The APT-120 offers a 12″ screen, and is detachable from the stand. This additional flexibility allows the device to be used for both countertop applications, and in environments that require portability. In addition, the stand allows the screen to be rotated 180 degrees to allow customers to sign for charges directly on the screen.