Miura helps payment service providers and tablet-based POS software vendors to disrupt their markets by designing beautifully simple, secure and flexible hardware for improved merchant and consumer experiences.

POSDATA recommends and supports the following products from Miura Systems

Miura POSzle

POSzle is a modular tablet POS hardware bundle, with integrated payment, that seamlessly brings together everything you need to deliver a leading POS solution that works ‘out of the box’ and with a smart tablet of your choice. With POSzle, everything fits beautifully together, thanks to the connectivity of the Fuse Smart Hub.  Unlock the tablet to serve anywhere in-store with the M10 payment device.

Miura M10

Miura’s M10 mobile payment platform solution allows interaction with customers wherever they go and however they pay, supporting both contact and contactless transactions. The M010 connects seamlessly to Miura’s POSzle and ITP POS solutions or your existing POS systems.  The M10 delivers support for all the connectivity options required by today’s retail organizations, including USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Miura M007

Miura’s M007 delivers all of the benefits of a traditional high volume checkout payment terminal, and doubles as a retail mobility solution. No longer is the physical point of sale a limiting factor.  Unclip the M007 from its stand and allow  your staff to engage with customers anywhere in or out of the store, influence the sale and take payment via Bluetooth or WiFi.