Datecs is a leading developer and manufacturer of POS solutions including mobile payment systems.

POSDATA recommends and supports the following products from Datecs

BlueCash 50   The All-in-One Marvel

Elevate your payment experience with the BlueCash-50, an Android 10 powerhouse that seamlessly accepts MSR, Chip, and NFC payments. This ergonomic wonder boasts an integrated printer, 2D barcode scanner, customer facing display, no screen NFC and pin entry and dual cameras for versatility. Whether you’re in a fixed location or on the move, its 5.4-inch multi-touch display and lightweight design ensure efficiency, complete with a small customer display for enhanced interactions. The future of payments is here.

BluePad 5500+   Power in Simplicity:

Experience simplicity without compromise with the BluePad-5500+. This lite weight marvel is your go-to for streamlined solutions. Ideal for order taking, pay at table, delivery, warehouse management, and events, its 5-inch screen ensures clarity without the bulk. Comes with docking station which supports printer and charge capability.  Lightness meets functionality — the perfect companion for dynamic services.

Integrated Payments with BlueCash 500 and BluePad 50+MSR   Dynamic Duo for Countertops:

Unleash the power of the BlueCash-500 and BluePad 50+ MSR for a countertop revolution. The BlueCash 500, an Android POS giant, combines a large 11” screen with a high-quality 3” integrated printer, customer facing display and scanner, while the BluePad 50+ MSR offers compact design and durability with a 2-inch colorful display. The BlueCash 500 can be integrated to any industry payment device or our own BP50+ MSR.  Perfectly paired for stores, groceries, and hotels, this dynamic duo redefines efficiency.

DAKT 50   Kiosk Payment, Redefined:

Unleash the power of Attended and Unattended payments with the DAKT-50 — an Android-based kiosk payment device designed for seamless integration. Accepting MSR, Chip, and NFC interfaces, this sleek marvel effortlessly attaches to most standard kiosk interfaces. Revolutionize user experiences with this dynamic trio of versatility, efficiency, and innovation. Redefine your kiosk solutions with the DAKT-50.  On track for production availability February 2024.

BlueCash 05   Pocket-Size Performance:

Meet the BluePad Mini Android 05 — where sleek design meets colossal capability. This compact Android-based marvel redefines on-the-go payments. With a large colored touchscreen display and a design that fits right in your pocket, it’s the epitome of portable power.  SCR, NFC, front facing camera, 2G/3G/4G.   Elevate your payment game, one pocket-sized revolution at a time.

Interested in learning more about Datecs and their focus on quality?  Take a video tour of their manufacturing and R&D facilities here.