POSDATA Advance Exchange

We make it easy  

Whether you manage a couple of sites, or thousands of sites, we know that you need quick replacement of your defective equipment.  POSDATA’s Advance Exchange service provides a speedy replacement unit while minimizing the impact on your own support resources.

POSDATA is one of the pioneers of Advance Exchange, having perfected the process supporting large chains in grocery, specialty retail and quick service restaurants.  Today, we have customers that initiate up to 100 exchanges per day.  Based on our experience with customers of all sizes, we have streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible.

We will establish a web portal for your staff to initiate exchanges, or even integrate with your own help desk system. With a few clicks, we’ll send your replacement out immediately. Upon receipt, the defective unit is placed in the same shipping container and returned to us for triage or additional problem resolution.   If your unit needs to go back to the manufacturer for repair, we will manage the manufacturer’s RMA process so your staff does not have to.

You stay in control.  We will provide the tools for you to manage your inventory pool and comprehensive failure and no-fault-found reporting – allowing you to stay on top of your installed base and have early warnings of any disturbing trends.

Key Features

  • Statement of Work

    We work together with you to develop a statement of work that defines the processes, reporting and scheduled management reviews, to ensure that the program meets your objectives and service expectations.    We will also ensure that all responsibilities are clear with regard to triage, and where defective units should be shipped – directly back to the manufacturer for repair, or to POSDATA for value add problem resolution/reporting/RMA management.

  • Help Desk Integration

    We will work with your help desk to set up the easiest way to initiate product exchanges.  This may involve an integration with your help desk system or a custom portal that we will establish just for you.

  • Pre-Configured Units for Fast Deployment

    Your units will be kept in a PCI-secure area, pre-loaded with the appropriate software and encryption keys.   That way your replacement will be ready to ship as soon as you provide the details to us.   As defined in the SOW, your replacement shipment may also include mounting hardware, literature, special labeling or other accessories.

  • Return Tag with the Replacement Unit

    As you would expect, the replacement unit will come with a return label.   Simply put the defective product in the same box and apply the return label.   It’s that simple.

  • Triage and Determine No Fault Founds

    Rather than sending defective units directly to the manufacturer, you can set up your program to send them to our Louisville depot center for additional troubleshooting and no-fault found isolation.  We can avoid expensive trips through the manufacturer’s repair center, by separating product that does not need a hardware repair.   Another advantage is much better reporting of no-fault founds and failure analysis than most manufacturers can provide, allowing for better management of your installed base.

  • Manage RMA Process with Manufacturer

    When you list non-value added activities performed by your staff, managing return authorizations to manufacturers has to be near the top of the list.  When your defective products are returned to our depot facility, we will manage the manufacturer’s return authorization after isolating for no-fault founds.    We have a dedicated staff for this, and work closely with the major manufacturers to navigate their respective return processes in an efficient manner.   Your product tracking reporting will include the units returned to the manufacturers for repair.

  • Reporting and Management Review

    Relying on the manufacturers’ repair centers for the information that you need to manage your installed base can be frustrating.   Our process has comprehensive reporting built-in, including no-fault found and failure analysis reporting.   You will also know where your products are throughout the process, and very importantly, what sites have not yet returned their defective units.   We can even design custom reports for you, based on your business needs.   Your SOW may also include regularly scheduled meetings to review inventory levels, failure trends and other activity so you can stay on top of everything that is happening.

  • Utilize Inventory for New Deployments

    You can leverage your advance exchange inventory pool to support new deployments.  This can be done on an ad-hoc basis, or provide us with a schedule to deploy to multiple sites.

  • Louisville Logistics Facility and Personnel

    Our logistics facility is centrally located in Louisville, Kentucky, minutes away from the UPS hub.   This allows for extended time frames for shipping in emergency situations – a perfect location for your advance exchange inventory.   In addition, our key injection facility (KIF) is Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) certified by the PCI Security Standards Council, allowing for secure encryption key injection for payment devices in your Advance Exchange inventory.  Best of all, POSDATA’s dedicated warehouse, technical and customer service staff has years of experience supporting organizations like yours.

If you would like to schedule a call with a POSDATA representative to learn more about our Advance Exchange service, and how it can work for your operation, please fill out the contact form below: