Advance Exchange

If you require quick replacement of equipment, try our advance exchange service. With one call or click, we send your replacement out immediately. Upon receipt, simply place your defective unit in the same shipping container and return for repair and restocking. We repair the item before placing it in your inventory pool. It is pre-configured and tested so it is ready for the next time you need it.

POSDATA offers same-day shipping easy return shipping of units, and serial number tracking for reporting.

Advance Exchange Service Program

  • Immediate Troubleshooting

    Many repairs can be conducted over the phone

  • Quick Replacement

    Next business day-replacement for covered equipment that can’t be repaired over the phone

  • Re-Use Shipping Box

    The defective product is returned to POSDATA using the box received with the replacement unit

  • Repairs for future use

    POSDATA repairs the defective product and puts it back in your swap pool, ready for future use

  • Nationwide

    Available for most laptops, tablets, and printers in all 50 states

Coverage begins on the day of product purchase and is inclusive of the manufacturer’s warranty. Customers must provide a product model number, serial number, and description of the issue. An RMA will be provided for products that can’t be fixed over the phone. Please print this RMA on the packaging of your defective product.