Mobile Payment Devices


Chipper OTA – Compact magnetic stripe & EMV card reader combines reliability and affordability in a single advanced mobile payments device. This unit is suitable for diverse applications and industries that value mobility and convenience.

Chipper OTA provides a superior chip reading platform with end-to-end data encryption technology, for safe and reliable mobile payments anytime, anywhere. It is ready to go wherever you need a reliable and secure payments solution and supports over-the-air firmware and key injection updates.

BBPOS Chipper BT

Chipper BT – has all of the advantages of the Chipper OTA, but featuring Bluetooth connectivity.    The module has been designed to carry in your pocket or adhere to the back of your mobile device via a removable adhesive pad.

BBPOS Chipper 2X

Chipper 2X supports all magnetic stripe and EMV payment functions and offers extended battery life – perfect for merchants with high volume use, such as fast food, delivery, and line-busting applications. It also adds NFC capability, to process contactless payment transactions.

The Chipper™ 2X is certified with EMV L1 and L2 contact, and also certified with EMV Contactless L1 as well as certifications for accepting new forms of payment such as Apple Pay, VISA payWave and MasterCard PayPass.

BBPOS Chipper 2X BT

Chipper 2X BT has all of the advantages of the Chipper 2X, but featuring Bluetooth connectivity. The module has been designed to carry in your pocket or adhere to the back of your mobile device via a removable adhesive pad.

Chipper 2X BT processes NFC or close proximity transactions so you can accept new forms of payment such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, VISA payWave, MasterCard PayPass, AMEX ExpressPay and Discover D-PAS. Extended battery life makes Chipper 2X BT perfect for high-volume businesses like fast food, delivery, or line-busting transactions.

BBPOS WisePad 2

Wise Pad 2 builds on the success of the original WisePad adding NFC capability and multi-connectivity. Now you can truly meet customers wherever they need you to be, with the same leading mobile payments security you can trust.

WisePad 2 is a PCI PTS, EMV L1, L2 and EMV Contactless L1 compliant payment solution which enables payments via NFC, chip-based, or magnetic stripe cards. Using a micro USB or Bluetooth connection, WisePad 2 can act as a peripheral to your point-of-sale or, using WiFi or GPRS, WisePad2 serves as a standalone mobile payments device.

Castles Technology MP200 Mobile Payments

The MP200 is the world’s most adaptable, secure and innovative device which offers organizations and businesses of all sizes a next generation mobile payment solution. The MP200 mobile device provides flexible options for Bluetooth, WiFi, and Micro-USB communications. The device will integrate to Android, iOS and Windows devices and will accept all payment types – contact, contactless and magnetic stripe.

Castles Technology VEGA 3000 Mobile Series

The newly designed VEGA 3000 gives you mobile capability for your business.  It enables processing at lightning speeds with its powerful microprocessor.  VEGA 3000 offers options of Wi-Fi, UMTS, GPRS, CDMA, Bluetooth and USB communications and also accepts all payment types – magnetic stripe, contact and contactless.

ID TECH iMAG Pro & Pro II Magnetic Stripe Readers

ID TECH’s iMAG Pro magnetic stripe readers gives your iPhone,  iPod Touch and iPad payment portal capability so you never miss another sale. The iMAG includes an encrypted magnetic stripe reader with end-to-end encryption, and is PCI-compliant. The iMAG is your low-cost solution for accepting credit card payments. The iMag Pro is compatible on apple technologies up to the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and the iMag Pro II is designed for all of the newest apple products (iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4)

UniPay III

Compact Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card and Contactless Reader

UniPay III represents the latest innovation in secure mobile payment acceptance. The UniPay III incorporates triple-tracks MagStripe, smart card, and contactless technologies. With this all-in-one mobile reader, it enables the acceptance of MagStripe, EMV smart card, and NFC/contactless payments including Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MasterCard PayPass, Visa VCPS, American Express ExpressPay, Discover DPAS, and more.

Ingenico iSMP4 Companion

Designed from the ground up for professional use, the iSMP4 includes a 2.8” backlit color display to provide an optimal user experience—even in bright outdoor environments—and an illuminated EMV slot that guides consumer interactions. The accompanying universal tablet enclosure provides businesses with the flexibility to fit a variety of 8” tablets without restricting merchants to a single device.  The enclosure allows associates to carry and use the iSMP4 and tablet in one hand, with a center gripping point and easy access to the iSMP4’s barcode scanner and the tablet’s camera.

Ingenico Link/2500

With the Link/2500, Ingenico brings payment acceptance to any mobile solution. Featuring a pocket-sized, lightweight and slim design the Link/2500 is built for the most demanding use, wherever merchants may go. In addition to EMV Chip & PIN and swipe, Link/2500 supports the broadest range of contactless standards allowing NFC couponing and mobile wallet use cases.

Ingenico iWL Series

The Ingenico iWL series is a small, lightweight mobile POS system that accepts all existing forms of payment, including contactless, EMV and NFC. the comfortable hand-held design and intuitive interface make transaction fast and easy. This device is ideal for retailers who need a mobile, portable POS system to accept payments curbside, throughout the store, or at the showroom.

Miura M10

Miura’s M10 mobile payment platform solution allows interaction with customers wherever they go and however they pay, supporting both contact and contactless transactions. The M010 connects seamlessly to Miura’s POSzle or your existing POS systems.  The M10 delivers support for all the connectivity options required by today’s retail organizations, including USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Miura M007

Miura’s M007 delivers all of the benefits of a traditional high volume checkout payment terminal, and doubles as a retail mobility solution. No longer is the physical point of sale a limiting factor.  Unclip the M007 from its stand and allow  your staff to engage with customers anywhere in or out of the store, influence the sale and take payment via Bluetooth or WiFi.

VeriFone e335

VeriFone e335

Verifone’s PAYware Mobile e335 pairs with the Apple® iPad® mini to create a bold, leading-edge POS anywhere a sales associate interacts with a customer. This device features a built-in PIN pad and 2D laser barcode imager. Retailers can take advantage of the extended battery life and use this device for up to 12 hours. Process any kind of payment—mag-stripe, NFC/contactless, EMV chip and PIN—fast with the high-speed Apple Lightning™ connector.

VeriFone e315

VeriFone e315

Verifone’s PAYware Mobile e315 accommodates both the Apple® iPhone® 5 and the Apple iPod touch® 5 to create the ultimate mobile POS solution. Features a built-in PIN pad, 2D laser barcode imager and wrist strap that helps guard against dropping. Process any kind of payment—mag-stripe, NFC/contactless, EMV chip and PIN—fast with the high-speed Apple Lightning™ connector.

VeriFone e255

The PAYware Mobile e255 turns most smart devices into a mobile point of sale. Equipped to accept all forms of payment, the PAYware Mobile e255 features a PIN pad and a smart card reader along with NFC functionality. Bluetooth technology makes it a truly flexible solution for compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

VeriFone e210

VeriFone e210

VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile e210 pairs your iPod touch® with VeriFone’s card encryption reader for on-the-spot sales. With its PIN pad and integrated barcode imager, transactions are faster, efficiency is boosted and revenue opportunities are endless. An ideal solution for reducing the risk of walk-outs due to long lines.