How POSDATA Simplifies the Payments Industry

The payments industry is often very complex and confusing. Choosing the best payment product, ensuring proper encryption of payment devices, and understanding PCI compliance issues can be a Herculean task. Having a well-informed partner who understands industry complexities and can help VARs serve their end users is the mission and purpose of POSDATA.

If you are unfamiliar with POSDATA, here are ten key points about our credentials and how our expertise takes the mystery out of payment terminals for our channel partners and their customers.

  1. POSDATA’s total focus is on payments and supporting the channel and their customers with their payment requirements
  2. POSDATA is not a box mover of other types of POS or Auto ID products. We are a value-added distribution company specifically focused on the payment industry
    • POSDATA sales and support organization work hand and hand with our channel partners and their customers to help select the right payment product for their specific retail application
  3. POSDATA Sales and Support Team have over 100 combined years of experience in the payments industry
  4. POSDATA Provides end to end technical support to the channel and their customers with regards to the integration of payment products
    • POSDATA Sales Engineers have expertise in EMV, P2P, Government WIC programs by state, PA-DSS 3.x, Firmware & File loading
  5. POSDATA, for over 20 years, has been a PCI Compliant Encryption Service Organization
    • POSDATA adheres strictly to all PCI PIN and TR-39 guidelines
    • POSDATA is audited several times a year by both internal and external auditors
  6. POSDATA is a VISA® registered Encryption Service Organization with sponsorship by one of the largest VISA members in the Debit Networks
  7. POSDATA has one of the largest selections of PIN encryption debit key libraries available in the industry
    • POSDATA offers end-to-end card read encryptions and PIN PAD encryption/injection
    • From 3DES (TDES) and remote key injection to tokenization POSDATA works closely with its channel partners and our terminal OEM’s to provide the channel and their clients with the latest encryption solutions
  8. POSDATA carries inventory for all the major payment terminal OEM including accessories such as stands, cables, stylus, and power supplies.
  9. POSDATA works with its channel to provide inventory management programs, deployments to specific multiple locations based on a specific installation timeline, and on-site installation services
    • All services are carried out in POSDATA’s 50,000 sq. ft. facility located next to the UPS’s major hub located at the Louisville, KY International Airport.
  10. POSDATA is an active member of the RSPA and services on their Data Security Payment Card Industry committee