Mobile Device Management

POSDATA’s Mobile Device Management service oversees the tech support of the mobile devices in your enterprise. POSDATA provides a single point for all issues related to your mobile environment, thus serving as a trusted branch of your organization’s IT Department. Our staff can manage a device in their building or across the country, pushing out software and firmware updates, managing users and applications, and troubleshooting.

Benefits / ROI of Mobile Device Managment

  • Time Savings

    • Seamless software update rollout and version control
    • Less devices sent out for unnecessary repair
    • Remote support minimizes downtime
    • Advance exchange and hot swap programs
    • Simplified processes for fault resolution
  • Cost Savings

    • IT Cost Minimization: Software deployment and maintenance
    • Reduce rollout costs with single-point staging and deployment
    • Management to OEM for warranties and after-warranty repairs
    • Monitor devices for user loss, misplacement or theft
    • Recover lost devices, eliminating cost of replacement
  • Risk Reduction

    • Expert management and control of devices
    • Central security provisioning ensures regulatory compliance
    • Accelerated fault detection for faster return to full operation
    • Corporate data and security, backup and restore capabilities