For more than 28 years, IntelliTrack been an industry leader in barcode and RFID software, helping thousands of customers manage their inventory and assets with innovative solutions. Whether you’re switching from pen and paper or looking for an easier way to track your stuff, IntelliTrack makes inventory and asset tracking simple. Intellitrack enables companies to gain visibility on inventory quantity, location, and item descriptions. Intellitrack also offers check in check out and tool tracking.

Utilizing Intellitrack can help businesses speed up the data collection process, improve operational efficiency while streamlining data collection in the warehouse. IntelliTrack has various modules/features, to best suit individual needs:

  • Asset management: Manage anything from store inventory, supplies, critical assets, to equipment with IntelliTrack software. The asset tracking module is compatible with both barcode scanning and RFID. Advanced asset control allows users to store critical data including serial numbers, warranty information, and maintenance calendars. The software can be accessed from anytime, anywhere over the web.
  • Inventory management: Understanding the location and quantity on hand for inventory is crucial for efficient warehouse operations. Save time and money by implementing IntelliTrack in your warehouse. Features include inventory item receipt, location transfers and fulfillment of goods. With real-time tracking, eliminate losses, item shortages (and surpluses) with visibility into warehouse operations.
  • Warehouse management: IntelliTrack WMS can be used in any industry which manages physical inventory. Some of the key features include barcode printing, cycle counts, movement tracking, kitting, pallet tracking, and paperless directed receiving and picking.
  • Package tracking: IntelliTrack’s mailroom application can help businesses manage inbound packages. This program is used in any high-volume mail environment including government agencies, universities, healthcare facilities, and corporations.
  • 3rd party integration support: Intellitrack supports various accounting programs including QuickBooks and Sage 50. Some of the supported features include advanced inventory control to create and label details locations including bins and containers. For companies that utilize e-commerce, support is available for Magneto, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.
  • Check in check out for tools: Manage equipment and assets that are used by different members of the organization. IntelliTrack can be used for items such as tools, machinery, job site gear, A/V equipment, or medical equipment.