Installation & Training

With years of experience designing and implementing complex data collection infrastructures, POSDATA’s Mobility Systems Engineers deliver the vital expertise and resources needed to quickly and efficiently install the customer’s solution. We also provide on-site training programs and documentation catered to the specific needs of our customers.

Custom Instructions / Documentation

The key to achieving reasonable self-sufficiency is documentation. Standard end-user manuals provided are rarely adequate to meet the real needs of specific end users. This is because the documentation does not address the user’s specific configuration and use of the application.

POSDATA addresses this need by designing materials that speak to the specific application procedures and user instructions. The result is documentation that can be used to train new staff and will serve as a reference to answer specific questions existing users may have as they continue enhancing their knowledge of the applications.

The types of documentation required are defined in the Site Requirement Document.

On-Site Classes

Whether the user requires training for the trainers or the end-user, POSDATA can tailor on-site training classes to meet their needs.

Experienced POSDATA personnel will design a custom training program that allows users the shortest “ramp-up” time possible. We can provide custom documentation, “train-the-trainer” services, or develop programs so that customers can be self-sufficient.

On-Site Advantages for the User

  • Money savings through the elimination of multiple student travel and hotel expenses.
  • Custom on-site training that they control with their choices.
    • Course Curriculum, topics, and structure
    • Class location, size, and audience
    • Class schedule
    • Confidential information: With only your employees present, sensitive and proprietary issues can be addressed and used as examples during class

On-Site Results for the User

  • Classes can be held when it’s most convenient for the user
  • Custom-designed classes focus only on what’s relevant to the user organization and industry
  • Custom-designed classes will incorporate only there products and designs

Installation Services

POSDATA Mobility Systems Engineers offer a set of service options designed to deliver the vital resources, expertise, and tools needed to quickly and efficiently implement the customer’s solution. The purchase of Installation Services from a POSDATA field service engineer allows the user to take advantage of project engineering expertise gained from years of experience designing and implementing complex infrastructure solutions.

POSDATA certified installation and commissioning of your solution ensures your equipment is configured for optimal performance, saving you time and money and extending the life of your solution. With the option of installation packages or individual service components, our installation services are structured in such a way that allows the user to pick and choose what they would like and let POSDATA do it for them.

Benefits of Installation Services:

  • A solution to meet your needs
  • Continuity with minimal disruption of business operations
  • High-quality setup, configuration and deployment by certified technicians
  • Improved system reliability and performance
  • Quick turnaround to get equipment up and running without diverting internal resources

POSDATA is committed to delivering a full range of order fulfillment solutions in an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, friendly manner.

We take the time to understand the things that are important to each customer and design a fulfillment procedure to accommodate these needs, and in doing so, we create a strategic partnership with each user that provides “impeccable service,” creating the feeling that we are an extension of their business operation

Network Cabling

POSDATA has designed, installed, and supported numerous networks nationwide. We have the proven ability and resources to complete cable installations for customers with small or complex environments. Our experienced team can install data and wireless networks including wireless antennas. We work well with general contractors, so the installation can become part of the build-out schedule.

Host Software Installation

Host Software Installation makes the process as hassle-free as possible for the end user. Services can cover the installation and configuration of new off-the-shelf software programs including productivity solutions, utilities, operating systems, antivirus and security programs, and many others. By leveraging the expertise of the Mobility Systems Engineers and our Software Partners, the user can ensure that their organization will get the most out of the software investment by deploying the software licenses purchased and configured to optimize the way the organization works.

System Testing

To ensure that the products and application are ready to be deployed to the end users, the Mobility Systems Engineering Team, along with our software partners, can be called upon to test the installation and application. Based on the application and the components it uses, the team can tailor a set of tests that will uncover any weakness in the installation. With years of experience in installation testing, we can quickly identify any potential installation issues and communicate a resolution.