Drive-Through Testing and Instant (Pop-Up) Test Operations

In the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis, hospitals and healthcare facilities are setting up “instant” and drive-through” testing to keep potentially infected patients away from the admitted general population and hospital staff. POSDATA has partnered with Honeywell and OCR Solutions to provide testing operations with a safe, no-touch method of quickly collecting the necessary personal information.

CaptureMax Data Collect

Using the Android Honeywell CT40 or CT60 mobile computer with the CaptureMax software, the required personal data can be extracted directly from a drivers license using the device’s integrated camera and the software’s advanced OCR reading capability.  The technician does not need to touch the license. It can be held by the driver and the license can even be scanned through the driver’s window. The license information and image is captured within four seconds.  After the technician verifies that the scanned data is correct, additional information can be entered such as the person’s temperature, email address, phone number and notes.  A label is then printed for the test vial using a Honeywell RP4 mobile printer. At the same time, the collected data will be sent to the CaptureMax cloud server to be stored.

Sample Mobile Application Screens

  • Verification of scanned results
  • Display of previous visit information
  • Enter status, temperature and notes

CaptureMax Cloud

Once a patient record is created on the mobile computer, it is sent to the CaptureMax Cloud.   This is a Microsoft Azure hosted portal that can track patient tests by state, country or globally. Access to personal information and heat maps is given to staff with proper authorization and credentials.

Depending on the software features implemented, the CaptureMax Cloud can be accessed through browser based applications to do the following:
  • A lab technician can access the patient record and enter the results of the test
  • Executives can access heat maps showing all infection locations (home addresses of infected individuals)
  • Managers may access the database to search for pertinent information

CaptureMax Cloud – Detail Record Screen

CaptureMax Cloud – Update Patient Status

For the lab technician or manager there is the ability to update and track each patient’s status. The system uses an easy visual color scheme to describe where each patient is in the process.

CaptureMax Cloud – Heat Map Examples

CaptureMax Cloud – Database

The backend database is easily searchable and is centrally administered by those with authorization. Each location, area, state or country can have its personalized view. A powerful API is available to retrieve data for other applications, use with report writers and dashboard displays.

Custom Changes

If you have custom changes required for your testing operation, POSDATA and the CaptureMax development team will work with you to meet your requirements.

Documentation for this Honeywell Healthcare solution 


As an authorized Honeywell Partner, we combine the most comprehensive line of Honeywell solutions, hardware, software and services to create custom solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes.  With over 30 of years experience, POSDATA is an industry leader in design, integration, and implementation of data collection systems and solutions in the healthcare and medical equipment environments.

If you are interested in learning more about this solution or would like to see a web demonstration of the CaptureMax software, please contact POSDATA at or fill out the contact form in the left sidebar.