POSDATA Group is a premium solutions provider that helps Goodwill locations get the most from their inventory and POS systems. Let us use our expertise with Goodwill to help your operation improve your inventory and sales processes.

POSDATA provides expertise in payments, data collection and related technologies. Get real-time inventory tracking and reporting so you can track items from the minute they are logged to the time they are sold.  Use printers and labeling to place barcodes on donated items and valuable assets.

POSDATA can help you purchase equipment and set up operations that will:

  • Identify the length of time products remain on the shelves.
  • Prevent theft from employees.
  • Place barcodes on assets like collection containers so they are easily traceable.
  • Cut administrative time spent on the inventory process.
  • Reduce labor costs and give yourself the flexibility to place employees in other areas where they are needed.

We understand the unique circumstances of Goodwill. POSDATA and its partners helped Goodwill Industries of San Joaquin Valley (GISJV):

  • Significantly improve its inventory process
  • Create a better system to track its assets (donated items and collection bins)
  • Shift to a reliable printer setup and save money on printing costs.

“The solution has more than paid for itself. POSDATA Group (and partners) have all lived up to our expectation—and more.”