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How the Warehouse Maturity Model Works

Zebra’s Warehouse Maturity Model is a visual and practical framework that guides you through a stage-by-stage and step-by-step process, geared for your business, so you can automate and modernize your operations.

The Foundations of Modernization

  • Your Warehouse Management Systems
  • Worker and Workflow Optimization
  • Automation Strategies and Technologies

The 5 Phases of Modernization

1. Improve Operations
2. Connect Workers
3. Integrate
4. Be Responsive
5. Predict and Adapt

The Keys to Optimization

•  Sense. Collect, capture and track the right data so you know what’s happening in your operations.
•  Analyze. Use your data to identify your biggest challenges and opportunities to make meaningful changes.
•  Act. Implement the right changes to dramatically improve productivity, efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Warehouse Maturity Model
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