VeriFone is in the process of winding down production on the Mx8XX devices. An End of Life letter was recently sent out on the remaining active part numbers in that product range. The latest round of EOL’s is on the current Mx8XX product that is EMV capable and includes a product that your end users may have been planning to move forward with in light of the upcoming EMV rollout. The following devices are included.


POSDATA Part #ModelVerifone Part #Description
3313-00339MX850M094-209-01-RPCI 2 SC, TCH, SIG, ETH
3313-00340MX 860M094-409-01-RPCI 2 SC, TCH, SIG, ETH
3313-00329MX870M094-109-01-RPCI 2 SC, TCH, SIG, ETH
3313-00342MX880M094-509-01-RPCI 2 SC, TCH, SIG, ETH

Final Order Date: After February 1, 2016, VeriFone will cease taking orders for the above configurations of MX 8XX. VeriFone encourages you to order related spare parts for MX 8XX at the time you place your final order.

Final Shipment Date: VeriFone will ship valid orders for the above configurations of MX 8XX placed on or before the Final Order Date by approximately May 1st 2016.

End of Development Date: There will be no new VeriFone-sponsored software development with respect to the above configurations of MX 8XX after May 1st 2016. VeriFone will continue to issue software bug fixes specific to these configurations in accordance with VeriFone policy through the End of Support Date referenced below.

End of Support Date: VeriFone will cease supporting software issues specific to the above configurations of MX 8XX on February 1st 2019.

End of Service Date: VeriFone will discontinue service and repair of the above configurations of MX 8XX on February 1st 2019.

Please note that the end of support and service dates is only 3 years and 6 months away on this product.

POSDATA does have limited quantities of some of these devices in stock. Please contact your sales rep for pricing and availability.

Also bear in mind that, as we have previously reported, any VeriFone device that has a part number ending in 07 (M094-207-01-R for example) will not be supported for EMV and those configurations have been either discontinued or EOL’ed over the last few years as well. If you have a short-term need for these models, there is also some limited availability.