Microsoft End of Support and Android Migration


·     July 9, 2019 end of support for MS Windows Embedded 8.1*

·     Jan. 14, 2020 end of support for MS Windows Embedded 6.5**

POSDATA can help your business by smoothing out the road bumps with Android migration planning.

How to Create an Android Readiness Plan

Here’s a list of tips to help you get started:

1. Map out your business processes and how your existing devices are utilized.

2. Perform a device count, and determine if your business will require the same, greater, or less number of future hardware devices.

3. Gather your current mobile computing hardware and application requirements.

4. Review hardware and software specifications for current Android devices, and verify they will meet current and anticipated future requirements. For example, are there any innovations with software, apps, or devices that can improve your productivity and generate a higher ROI?

5. Analyze your current device and network security.

6. Review any compliance or regulatory requirements that are specific for your business or industry.

7. Consider whether you need device management solutions or additional support for your implementation.

Prepare your total budget for device purchases, software upgrades, and training.

The POSDATA Zebra Advantage

POSDATA is a Zebra Premier Business partner, and we can help you select the right hardware and software solutions to streamline your migration. Zebra has a full line of Android OS scanning products, ranging from lightweight mobile scanning devices, to rugged units that can work in harsh warehouse environments.

*Mainstream Support End Date
**Extended Support End Date

Control Solutions Announces Company Name Change

Control Solutions, Inc. announced today that it will be named POSDATA Group, Inc., effective immediately. The name change is part of a re-branding initiative and corporate restructuring.

“The rebranding will allow us to better leverage our marketing efforts and create a greater impact on the market” said Jeffrey Creighton, company President.  “All parts of the business will now go to market as POSDATA Group as we emphasize our leadership position in providing a full range of transaction processing technologies.”

The automatic identification, mobile computing and wireless networking part of the company, previously doing business as Compsee, will operate now as POSDATA Group – AIDC.

Bill McCubbins, Executive Vice President, will be responsible for managing sales of all product lines.   In addition to AIDC products, POSDATA Group markets payment systems and devices, managed services such as logistics, deployment and key injection, and mobile software solutions for field data collection.

The name change will be phased in across all aspects of the business in the relatively near future.

About POSDATA Group

POSDATA Group is a leading payment systems distributor as well as a nationwide AIDC VAR and integrator.

POSDATA Group provides AIDC, mobile computing and RF systems, labeling systems and data collection solutions for a variety of markets, including manufacturing, distribution, transportation, retail, construction and healthcare.

POSDATA Group is also the most knowledgeable and trusted distributor of payment systems and devices in the United States, with full key injection and deployment capabilities.


A downloadable version of this press release is available here.

For inquiries, contact Mike Kapp
POSDATA Group, Inc.

On-Site or Depot Services? Both May Be The Right Choice

When selecting the type of service that best fits your repair needs, often the question arises, onsite or depot? Both may be the right answer for your company.

In the past, onsite services have typically been viewed as a costly option. However, in the right situations the service can be very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of downtime for your company.  You also need to consider the costs, often overlooked, of lost productivity and cost effectiveness.

 Maintenance Options – Onsite vs. Depot

Questions to ask for determining type of service Onsite Depot
Is the equipment running your business critical applications, i.e., web site or billing system? X
Do you only have a quantity of 1 of this system or device with no viable back-up at that particular location? X
Do you have redundancy in place for the system or device? X X
Can the device be easily swapped and installed by one of your employees? X
Is the location near a major city or located within a major city? X X
Is the location in a rural area? X X
Can the device be “down” for a day or two? X
What is the weight of the equipment? X X

Mission Critical

Onsite services are almost always recommended for mission critical devices.  Those devices will vary by customer and type of business, but almost every business will have devices that are considered mission critical and need to be repaired the same day.

 Depot Service Options

Depot services offer quick and reliable response, and are not as expensive as onsite services.  Non-critical equipment might be covered by a repair and return service, if the equipment can be down for days or utilize the option of next day replacement shipped from the depot facility to your location.

 Understanding the difference

When evaluating your service needs, it is best to understand the differences between onsite and depot services.  You need to read the fine print; same day or next day onsite service does not always mean same day or next day repair.  Depot services will provide a unit, already repaired and tested.  Onsite typically travels with some parts, or parts as designated by the type of failure you report.

Combining the Service Options

You may determine, based upon the geographic location, that a combination of the service for a particular device is your best option.  If the location is not near a major city, onsite services may cost more and not guarantee a repair, but depot services may be a better fit with an advance exchange option.  With POSDATA’s advance exchange option you know you’ll have a working replacement device arrive at the specified location the next business day ready for use right out of the box. 

 POSDATA Onsite and Depot Services plans offer the following:

  • Trained technicians.  They know the equipment and have been trained to meet and/or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) specifications.
  • Preventative maintenance.  This service can be incorporated with several different types of equipment in ensure a longer service life.
  • Locally stocked parts.  For equipment under a maintenance contract, parts will be stocked locally to facilitate repairs, whether Onsite or Depot service is selected.
  • Tailored solution. Service level plans designed to meet your specific needs, not a cookie cutter solution.
  • You can select from several service offerings, same day/next day/monthly maintenance/time and materials, etc.
  • A wide variety of equipment is covered, pc’s, printers, monitors, point-of-sale equipment (including key injection services at our depot facility), networking, payment terminals, etc.
  • Warranty support, or extended warranty programs.
  • IMAC (installs, moves, adds, changes).
  • Hot swap programs
  • Imaging and configurations.
  • Technology upgrades.
  • and many more…

If you have concerns about whether your company’s equipment is properly covered, or if you just want to see if there are ways to save money, please contact us today.  We will be happy to assist you in the evaluation and determine your maintenance needs; where you might be vulnerable; or where you have overlap and can save money.