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As Biotech booms, so does the factory of the future

The biotech industry faces challenges like no other. With a rapidly changing, fast-paced ecosystem, the industry is moving swiftly to leverage advanced computing technologies to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing processes and reduce the time it takes to bring new products to market.

More and more biotech companies are seeking to leverage new, smarter technologies – including AI, machine vision, mobile devices and IoT sensors.  Zebra mobile technology is a leader in helping manufacturers gain the capabilities they need to achieve operational excellence:

Gain efficiency at each assembly point

Biotech manufacturers are required to conduct systemic checks at every point to ensure that they are within prescribed parameters. Zebra’s solutions enable real-time tracking and tracing of all parts moving to and from the assembly line for streamlined production without delays or unnecessary downtime.

Enable real-time visibility of all assets across your facility

Biotech manufacturers need end-to-end visibility into their supply chains inventory and assets to enable process excellence. Zebra delivers the connectivity and consistent visibility needed to streamline processes.

Realize the promise of RFID

RFID implementations are becoming more prevalent at biotech manufacturing operations to increase traceability and accountability in their supply chains, improve inventory and equipment tracking and monitoring, production scheduling and shipment routing.

Disrupting Biotech  

New technologies like AI are disrupting the biotech industry as it begins to realize the potential of Industry 4.0 concepts.

The combination of IoT data and mobile technology will enable increased visibility for manufacturers.

The global healthcare market is expected to reach $11,908.9 billion by 2022. Biotech manufacturers will need to implement digital strategies to gain significant competitive advantages.

Temperature Monitoring

m-300 temperature monitoring

Zebra’s compact and reusable temperature sensors monitor temperature sensitive vaccines and biologics during storage and shipment.

Let POSDATA help you develop a mobile strategy to optimize your biotech manufacturing operations

We can help you future-proof you operation with Zebra solutions that provide unparalleled visibility into goods, assets, people and transactions. IoT and mobile capabilities provide operational and actionable data on the location and condition of assets. Sensors and readers can help you quickly identify and isolate issues and inefficiencies. And global tracking with mobile barcode asset tracking and RFID provide better visibility and more.

Zebra Enterprise Computers

Zebra’s mobile computers feature robust built-in software intelligence that enables your workers to perform at their best, shift after shift.

Zebra Tablet Portfolio

Zebra tablets help you ratchet up productivity from the plant floor to the front door.

Zebra Data Capture

Zebra scanners capture dirty, damaged, poorly printed barcodes, survive harsh working conditions and streamline day-to-day operations.

Print with confidence knowing you have a partner with 50 years of thermal printing innovation by your side.

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