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POSDATA:  The Experts for reliable, high-performance Barcode and RFID labels & Tags

That’s right.  For over 20 years, POSDATA’s team of experts, in partnership with world-class manufacturers like Zebra Technologies, have helped hundreds of warehouses, distribution centers, retailers, manufacturers, healthcare providers and companies just like yours increase their productivity using barcode and RFID technologies.

What does the label need to do?

Our label specialists take the time to understand your labeling requirement inside and out.  From this first question, we will guide you through the process to define and deliver the perfect label or tag.   We can handle your labeling needs for the following and more:

  • Inventory and assets
  • Serial #/product marking
  • Retail merchandise
  • Tools and equipment
  • Test tube, lab specimens and blood bags
  • Hard to label items (e.g., tires)
  • RFID labels and tags
tire label zebra
test tube labels

Why Choose POSDATA and Zebra Certified Labels and Tags?

  • Every Type of Label

    POSDATA’s barcode and RFID label printing expertise and experience combined with Zebra’s 300+ pre-tested materials and extensive customization capabilities, allows us to create a label or tag to meet the exact requirements of your application.  Don’t settle for a sub-par design or a label that will cause problems at the worst possible time.  POSDATA and Zebra have the right label and tag solution for you:

    • Synthetic or paper
    • Pre-printed copy or graphics
    • Standard or custom sizes
    • Compliance standards
    • Easy removal
    • Tamper-evident or tear-proof
    • Ultra-durable for tough conditions
  • Custom and Off-the-Shelf Selections

    Nobody offers a greater selection of off-the-shelf labels and tags than POSDATA, through manufacturing partners such as Zebra Technologies.  If an off-the-shelf/stocked label does not exist to meet your requirement,  we will team with Zebra Technologies to design a cost-effective and high-quality custom label or tag that perfectly fits your application.

  • Unmatched Quality and resiliance

    To ensure exceptional print quality and durability, all of Zebra’s labels undergo rigorous pre-testing and ISO 9000 certified, 23 point inspections.  They’re tested using a wide range of printers, and exposed to severe outdoor elements, abrasions, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.

  • Optimal Match with Zebra Printers

    Genuine Zebra Technologies labels, tags and matching ribbons are designed to work optimally with Zebra printers and will help to avoid premature printhead failure, IT service calls, unreadable or missing labels.

  • Money Saving Programs

    Make and Hold Inventory Management – If you require a custom label or tag for your application, your per-label costs will be lower with higher volume manufacturing runs that can leverage the fixed setup cost.   POSDATA and  Zebra can schedule an efficient volume manufacturing run to lower per-unit costs.  The labels will be held in inventory and shipped as you need them over a 3 or 6 month period.

    Printhead Protection Program – Buy Zebra labels, tags and ribbons exclusively for your Zebra printers and get free replacement printheads with the Printhead Protection Program.   POSDATA and Zebra offer this program because we know that using genuine Zebra supplies yields the longest possible lifetime for your printheads.

    Samples Program – Need to review and evaluate different label materials for your application?  POSDATA can arrange to ship free label sample packs and sample label rolls to streamline your evaluation process.

  • One Stop Shopping for your Barcode and RFID Essentials

    You will save time, money and headaches working with a single company that can provide all of your barcoding, RFID and labeling needs, including the latest barcode printers, scanners and mobile computers.   Even better, our status as a Zebra Premier Partner means the best possible pricing and support for all of your Zebra products.

Video – Zebra Custom Labels Distributed by POSDATA

Video – Learn How Zebra Labels Are Made

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