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A Guide to Payment Industry Acronyms

The payment industry is chock-full of acronyms and abbreviations to describe the often complicated technologies surrounding electronic payment transactions. We have worked in the industry for many years and even we have trouble keeping up with the latest acronyms and their definitions. To help clear up the confusion among our customers and friends in the […]

EMV Is Here: Is Your Customer’s Payment Hardware Ready?

Now that the holidays are over, the next big hurdle in payment hardware and software is right around the corner. EMV has an implementation milestone of October 1, 2015 for most retailers and processors to be EMV compliant.  The three dates below are from Master Card and Visa’s website. October 1, 2015 – Counterfeit Card […]

Replace Pre-PCI Devices Now

As 2014 slips away, there is an important piece of information that you will want to share with some of your customers.  December 31, 2014 is the last day that Pre-PCI devices can be used by customers that have them installed.  Please share this information with those that have Pre-PCI devices still installed in their […]

POSDATA Announces New Customer Support Services

POSDATA is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, we are offering customer support for all customers who purchase or develop software utilizing integrated terminals. Support includes configuration, troubleshooting and ongoing maintainance and is offered via annual support contracts, hourly programs, and other customized agreements. According to Mr. William McCubbins, EVP Payment Sales and Services, “POSDATA […]

PIN Entry Devices to Expire

As security standards continue to evolve, some PIN entry devices are approaching their expiration. The PCI Security Standards Council and Visa recently announced that devices approved in the first version of the PCI PIN program (way back in 2004!) and not subsequently approved for higher levels of security are now at their expiration point. Stakeholders […]

Three Ways a Wireless Network Benefits Your Business

Network accessibility is becoming increasing important in today’s fast paced world. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a business environment that cannot benefit from a wireless network. Companies across a broad spectrum — manufacturers, warehouses, retailers, schools, hospitals, hotels and service facilities — are implementing wireless networks in record numbers. The benefits they find include […]

End to End Encryption and Tokenization

E2EE and Tokenization are often positioned as an either/or solution, but this is not the case. Each technology has its place in payment security. This article defines both solutions and their significant characteristics. E2EE ensures the security of sensitive cardholder information from the moment the card is swiped all the way to when it is […]