PowerTrack Asset Management

Our PowerTrack Asset Management is a highly scalable web-based application that can be used to track assets/tools/equipment and consumables for an enterprise or department-level implementation, such as a tool room, machine shop, IT department, etc.

The system consists of a SQL database, a web server and web client application that is responsive to both full size and mobile screens – allowing assets to be transferred, checked out (employee assignment) or checked back in (remove employee assignment) utilizing barcode reading of asset labels.

The asset lookup capability is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.   Searches can be on an individual asset or model number, or results can be filtered based on the manufacturer, description, category, employee assignment, site, business unit/department or condition.   This provides management with full asset visibility.

Asset and consumables usage can be analyzed by quick lookup of transaction history or through activity reports.  Transaction history can be filtered by date range, asset or model number, employee assignment, site, business unit/department and by transaction type (check-in, check out, transfer, new/retired asset and more).  Activity reports can point management to areas of heavy asset utilization or rarely used assets, thereby guiding future asset purchases.

The equipment maintenance feature allows for assets to have a service and/or inspection schedule.  Meter readings and notes can be entered in addition to the service performed.  The complete maintenance history can be reviewed for each asset/equipment/tool. 

Asset Management Demo: Asset Summary Grid and Details

Asset Management Demo: Asset Transfer

Asset Management Demo: Mobile Transfer

Asset Management Demo: Mobile Asset Lookup