Three Ways a Wireless Network Benefits Your Business

Network accessibility is becoming increasing important in today’s fast paced world. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a business environment that cannot benefit from a wireless network. Companies across a broad spectrum — manufacturers, warehouses, retailers, schools, hospitals, hotels and service facilities — are implementing wireless networks in record numbers. The benefits they find include mobility, simpler installation and lower cost of ownership.

Retail clerk checking inventory using wireless terminal1. Mobility That Leads to Productivity

Wireless networks give users the flexibility to move around within the local coverage and still remain connected to the network. This supports productivity and service options which are not possible with wired networks.

Through a wireless network, a mobile worker has real time access to business applications and shared resources, such as databases and printers. This may also include connection to the wider Internet.

2. Installation Simplicity

In many cases, a wireless network may allow for easier and faster installation since the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings for fixed station terminations is eliminated. As such, adding or changing stations in the future becomes faster and more cost effective.

3. Lower Cost of Ownership

While the initial investment required for wireless LAN equipment may be higher than wired network hardware, the overall installation expenses and life cycle costs can be significantly lower. This is dramatically so for dynamic environments subject to frequent moves and changes, or older buildings where running additional cabling is cost prohibitive.

POSDATA’s Wireless LAN Services

POSDATA has been installing wireless networks for 15 years in a variety of customer environments, including giant distribution facilities requiring over 1 million sq. ft. of wireless coverage.

According to Nuset Conk, POSDATA’s Wireless Services Manager, “We’re a one-stop shop for wireless services. We can handle the complete job from the initial site survey, through wiring and equipment installation. One of the most common mistakes that we see with wireless network installations is the failure to spend the time necessary to properly plan and design the system.”

Motorola LANPlanner hotmapImplementing a robust wireless LAN requires both an expertise in wireless networks and the proper tools. POSDATA uses tools such as Motorola’s LANPlanner software to simulate the RF (radio frequency) coverage taking into account a facility’s unique construction and design.

Conk adds, “The benefit of these tools to our customers is more accurate site surveys, the ability to cost effectively run multiple ‘what if’ scenarios, and the elimination of costly rework that can result from trial-and-error site surveys.”

The POSDATA site survey provides a customer with a blueprint for moving forward to the implementation stage of the project. Most customers will then proceed with POSDATA on the wiring and installation of the access points and RF switches, and full commissioning of the system.

For more information about POSDATA’s wireless services, contact or call 800- 426-4004.

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