Outsourcing Managed Services for Mobile Devices

Proactive, Preventative Approach

Now that we can do work virtually anywhere at any time, what happens when the mobile devices that enable us to work remotely don’t work?

More and more, today’s businesses are deploying mobile devices to operate efficiently and to compete effectively. But as reliance on the mobile equipment and communication grows, the resources to support an increasingly remote environment may not. Technical resources are becoming scarce, and can be quickly overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping the infrastructure, that the business depends on, up and running. The situation magnifies when you take into account personnel with mobile devices communicating from multiple locations and time zones.

Outsourcing Managed Services provides a cost effective end-to-end management solution to assist mobile workers and keep their devices operational, regardless of the vendor or manufacturer.

Managed Services Providers act as an extension of the IT department, taking care of routine monitoring and management of the mobile devices around the clock, thereby freeing up your IT staff to focus on higher-value projects. A proactive Managed Services Provider can avoid many technology problems in the first place and when issues do occur, can troubleshoot and resolve it more efficiently. Today’s innovators are successfully using remote access tools, which allow IT technicians to attach and control remote devices connected to the internet. Solid Helpdesk technicians value the “hands-on” remote support and learn to rely on it to adequately detect and solve most problems the user encounters.

The main component of the Managed Service is its Helpdesk Support. The Helpdesk is customized to meet your specific device management requirements, provides person-to-person problem resolution by telephone, while utilizing specialized tools for remote triage. Designed to get your team back to work as soon as possible, the personalized Helpdesk support addresses the technical issues and the employee’s frustration over their technology derailment.

Additional services offered and generally outsourced include:

  • Mobile device procurement
  • Wireless service activation
  • Configuration of mobile devices with customized profiles
  • Security for protection of corporate assets
  • Application and data migrations
  • Repair and loaner devices
  • Help Desk Support with instructions and data recovery

Features and Benefits derived from outsourced Managed Services include:

  • Expert management and control of mobile devices
  • Simplified processes for fault resolution
  • Minimal end-user involvement
  • Higher percentage of first touch resolution
  • Faster return to full operability
  • Seamless software rollout and version control
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Less devices sent out for unnecessary repair
  • Reduction in shipping and transport logistics
  • Increased user satisfaction

POSDATA, a service partner you can trust.

A partner who has the services you need, when you need them. POSDATA does not use a cookie cutter approach to your company’s service needs; we customize our services to suit your unique situation. You won’t have to worry about paying for a service you don’t need or having to pay extra for an additional service — it will all be bundled in with your custom service package. Each project can be unique in scope and approach. Contact our service and logistics experts today to begin saving time and money on all your service and logistics.

POSDATA is the right choice for your service partner.

Contact us today to learn more about POSDATA’s Managed Services

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