Field Delivery & Service

POSDATA offers a unique combination of mobile computers and software that enable your field staff to make speedy, accurate deliveries, improving your profitability and achieve significant productivity gains. Our solutions allow RFID, barcode scanning and real-time tracking of all field-based deliveries from the time it leaves the warehouse to the time it is delivered, with embedded photos, signatures and notes to confirm transactions at every point of your process.

Mobile Computers

POSDATA brings you the best mobile data collection computers available, featuring products from Zebra, Datalogic, and Honeywell. Our knowledgeable sales and technical support staff will match your needs with the optimal solution, be it the small rugged Zebra TC55 or the reliable Honeywell Dolphin Black.

GoRoam Delivery

The primary software solution recommended by POSDATA for delivery management and proof of delivery is GoRoam Delivery, which enables your drivers to track their deliveries/pickups, barcode scan assets, and print and email receipts. Orders are pushed to drivers wirelessly, where they can view their route stops, record products/services delivered, and get an electronic signature for Proof of Delivery.

Mobile Device Management

POSDATA’s Mobile Device Management services oversee the tech support of the mobile devices in your enterprise. POSDATA provides a single point for all issues related to your mobile environment, thus serving as a trusted branch of your organization’s IT Department. Our staff can manage a device in their building or across the country, pushing out software and firmware updates, managing users and applications, and troubleshooting.

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