As a Zebra Premier Business Partner for the last 20 years, POSDATA is an expert in the functionality and placement of Zebra Technologies products within your business environment. POSDATA offers a wide range of Zebra product categories to increase efficiency during the workday.

  • Mobile Computers: With airtight security, steadfast durability, intelligent voice & data performance, and a familiar Android operating system, Zebra mobile computers are designed specifically for your enterprise and environment.
  • Barcode Printers: With printers designed for industrial, desktop, or mobile use, Zebra barcode printers make remote management effortless, integration easy, and performance unrivaled.
  • Barcode Scanners: Capturing necessary data at the point of sale, a patient’s bedside, production line or in a warehouse is fast and accurate with a Zebra barcode scanner. Plus with one- and two-dimensional product options, scanning a variety of mediums is a breeze.
  • Forklift-Mounted Technologies: Vehicle-mounted computers from Zebra give operators the ability to complete tasks faster, achieving new levels of productivity in even the harshest environments.
  • RFID Systems: Zebra provides end-to-end RFID solutions to streamline operations, including RFID printers; readers; antennas; and labels, tags, and cards, that easily integrate into your existing enterprise.
  • Labels & Ribbons: Extend the life of Zebra printers by using Zebra Certified Supplies. Inclusive of labels, wristbands, ribbons, receipt paper, and cards, Zebra Certified Supplies pass comprehensive testing to ensure reliable performance in your Zebra printer as well as in the final application.
Zebra Premier Business Partner
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Mobile Computers

TC52/57 Touch Computer

TC57 Touch Computer

TC72/77 Touch Computer

Zebra TC77 Touch Computer

TC51/56 Mobile Computer


MC9200 Mobile Computer

Barcode Printers

ZT200 Series

Performance Desktop Printers (GX420, GX430, ZD500)

ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

R110XI4 RFID Printer

RXP Series 3

Barcode Scanners




3600 Ultra Rugged Series

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